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Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi was born on November 28, 1955, in Chennai, India, and was the CEO and Chairman of PepsiCo, the world’s largest food and beverage company. She is ranked fourth among the top 50 most powerful businesswomen in the world. She was the President and Chief Financial Officer of PepsiCo and one of the highest-ranking Indian women in the American business world.

She earned her MBA from I.I.M. in Kolkata and spent two years working in India before moving to the United States. She traveled to the United States to pursue her master’s degree in public and private management at Yale School of Management. She worked for Boston Consultancy Group after college before being named Vice President of Motorola.

She joined PepsiCo in 1994, and it was a watershed moment for her, after which she never looked back. She is the one who may be held accountable for the company’s accomplishments and success. She was also the driving force behind the merger of Pepsi and Quaker Oats, as well as the establishment of fast food businesses.

Indra attributes her success to her hard work, the nice people she employs, her enthusiasm, and her family history. According to Indra, a company that faces stiff competition from its competitors on a daily basis always stays on top, since without competition, a company degenerates.

The best employees are essential to keep the company on top and maintain its standard, and PepsiCo has them. Her household consists of her spouse and two daughters. She also enjoys playing electric guitar on occasion. She is a proud Indian who feels that success involves a lot of hard work and dedication, both of which are difficult to come by.

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