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John Hancock, who’s believed to have taken birth on January 23, 1737, at Massachusetts city, United States, was a famous merchant and a revolutionary figure. They fought against the then mighty British based colonial forces.

His place of birth is named Braintree, a town located in Massachusetts city of the United States. Here we shall make you learn about Mr. Hancock’s early life, education, life struggles, and career achievements.

Early life

John Hancock had to face a very rough childhood. He became an orphan when he just a child. He was adopted and raised by his uncle named Thomas Hancock, who was known as a wealthy merchant in Boston city. He owned a business by the name House of Hancock that used to deal with imports and exports.


His uncle decided to take Hancock in his protection as he did not have any children of his own. John did his graduation from the Boston Latin School when he was seventeen years old boy. Just after he completed his graduation, his uncle sent him to Harvard College to study business.


Hancock started his career as an apprentice under his uncle and learned clerical work from him. Taking notice of his honesty and capability, his uncle sent him to England in 1760 for a business assignment. In London, Hancock was lucky to see King George III’s crowning in front of his eyes.

Achievements and struggles

When his uncle left for the heavenly abode in 1763, John got everything that belonged to his uncle, and that was a vast wealth which no one else in England had at that time. Due to the sudden gain in wealth, his position and status also changed in his society. Now he had influential and people with power living around him.

In 1768 a small vessel that belonged to Mr. Hancock was confiscated in Boston Harbor by the customs officials. They charged him with smuggling or black-marketing. People protested against this and stood by him. In 1776 when Peyton resigned, he became the President but retired a year later because he had gout.

He was a prevalent personality in every way and had great faith in the common man. A decree was issued in 1776 in England, and a reward was also announced if anyone could help catch several prominent persons. John‘s name was in it. He died when he was serving the term as governor for the ninth time. Another thing for which he is well known is his vast signature.

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