John T. Chambers was born on 23 of August, 1949, in Ohio. He was the Chief Executive and chairperson of CISCO Systems Inc. Chambers has been attached to CISCO since 1991 as senior Vice President.

After Chambers took over as the Chief Executive Officer in January 1985, the company saw great heights. Earlier the revenue that was generated was 1.2 billion dollars annually while in 2012, it touched 40 million dollars. Mr. Chambers before attaching himself to CISCO used to work for Wang Laboratories from 1982-1990 and for IBM from 1976 to 1982.

Mr. Chambers had degrees in Arts of Business as well as one in Science. He later got degree in Masters of Business Administration in Finance and Management from University of Indiana. Apart from all this. he also went to the school of Engineering at Duke University for a year.

John Chambers was a married man and has two young children. He had a disease called dyslexia when he was young. Chambers had been involved politically also. He had given donations to political parties worth hundred and eighty thousand dollars to one and ten hundred thousand dollars to another party.

The money that he earned in 2007 while he was the Chief Executive Officer of CISCO System was twelve lakhs, eight hundred and one and seventy hundred seventy three billion dollars. This was the total salary which was made up of cash bonus and other things.

He received many awards and honours for his work. He was counted as amongst one of the hundred most powerful businessmen. He also received an award from Mr. Bill Clinton.

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