Keith Rupert Murdoch was born on the 11th of March 1931 in Melbourne. He is a media magnate with an Australian American origin. His family shifted to Britain in 1937 where he spent his early days.

He did his education at Oxford University. Keith holds the majority of shares of News Corp as well as chairs and is the MD of the News firm. Initially, Keith started his business with television stations, newspapers, and magazines in Australia and gradually spread to United Kingdom, Asia, and the US media market.

The company has its base in New York and has become a major investor in the film industry, media, satellite television, and the internet. His father was also prominent newspaper personnel and he directed the Herald and Weekly Times Ltd which had its base in Melbourne.

When his father died in 1952, he went back to Australia to handle his father’s business. He expected an empire but was disappointed as the fortune he inherited was not very much. He turned into a citizen of America in 1985 in order to spread his television business more in the US.

All through the 1980s, his new company grew very fast in every field. ON one hand, the business grew but on the other loans piled up. He had problems paying back loans. In order to settle the loans, he sold off several American magazine interests.

In 1995 it got support from Telstra thus was able to launch Foxtel in Australia which was a pay television network channel. After a year, Foxtel News Channel which was a day-night news channel was launched.

He has an interest in music thus acquired a music company and merged it with his company festive and formed Festive Mushroom Records. It is believed that his son will soon be taking over his business which is worth 6.9 billion.

His personal life was not a smooth one. He married twice. His first marriage ended within a few years. He married again to a journalist Anna who was an employee under him and had 3 kids. They divorced too and now he is married to Wendi Deng who is 40 years younger than him.

Sarah Contreras

The author holds a bachelor's degree in Communication with expertise in certain fields like media and marketing. She currently works as a web content contributor for ANC Delivers, one of the fastest fleet home and corporate delivery services in Australia.