Lakshmi Niwas Mittal biography

Lakshmi Niwas Mittal is a steel mogul who was born in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Since the time that his independently founded business, Mittal Steel Corporation N.V., was absorbed into ArcelorMittal, he has been acting in the capacities of Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the company. Learn more about his early life, education, work, and accomplishments throughout his life by reading further.

Early Life

Mr. Laxmi was born in the year 1950 into a household that was quite low-income. He is originally from the state of Rajasthan. His immediate family and some of his other relatives made up a total of twenty persons who all lived under the same roof. It is reported that the living conditions of his family and his relatives were such that they did not have suitable beds to sleep on and they did not have a kitchen in which to prepare food. His grandfather had constructed the home in which they all made their home together.


St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata is where Laxmi earned her bachelor’s degree in commerce. After some time had passed, he was married to Usha Mittal, and the couple now has two kids, a boy, and a girl.


When Mittal first began his venture, he began with the steelmaking firm that had been in his family for generations. As a result, he has more than thirty years worth of experience with steel and other topics connected to this industry.

Mittal Steel was established in 1976, and the company deserves much of the credit for the tremendous success it has enjoyed ever since it was first established. Mittal Steel is the only company in the world that produces steel at this time, and it has operations in fourteen different nations across four continents.


Mr. Mittal was recognized for his insight, leadership, and excellent business sense with a number of accolades and distinctions. Mittal takes pleasure in assisting other individuals in every way that he can. In addition to that, as a director of the ICICI bank, he is responsible for its management. According to a poll conducted by Forbes Magazine, he is the third wealthiest man in the world and the wealthiest man who is not from the United States.


Laxmi Mittal is another person who enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle. In 2003, he purchased the Kensington Mansion, which at the time was the most expensive residence ever sold. It has been said that the wedding he threw for his daughter was the most extravagant and expensive of the whole century. This contributed to the widespread publicity around the event.

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