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Naresh Goyal is the name of a person who founded and is the chairperson of Jet Airways, one of the biggest Indian Airline companies. Jet Airways became operational in 1993.

The company has three hundred and twenty flights flying at forty places every day. Out of 340, five flights are international. He has been ranked as the sixteenth richest man of India by Forbes magazine.


Mr. Naresh Goyal is a commerce graduate and did his graduation in 1967. After graduation, he went into the travel field with GSA. He spent seven years learning about all the minute details related to the travel world through his contacts with many airlines that belonged to different countries.


Jet Air (Pvt) was founded in May 1974; it was established to take care of all the international airlines’ sales and marketing in India. Due to his experience, he knew everything related to the aviation industry.

At the moment, we can say that Jet Airways is India’s biggest private airline that is home-based. It has also been nominated as the “Best Domestic Airline of India” by many top-class globally renowned organizations.

The IPO of Jet Airways was a great hit, which started in 2005. Lately, it was believed that it would merge with Air Sahara. Thus it was in the news, but this merger has been canceled.

As Jet Airlines rose dramatically, so did Naresh Goyal as an entrepreneur. He has bagged many awards and honors.

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