When people need to move from one place to another, they have painful thoughts because packing, bubble wrap, tape, boxes, lifting, carrying, and unpacking involves huge stress. Many people are brave enough to do that kind of work on their own, but most need your help to reduce their stress. You can do this by offering them packing and unpacking service.

Required abilities

When you want to establish your own packing and unpacking business, you need to be well-organized person, and at the same time who is capable of lifting and carrying boxes weighing up to 40 pounds, and most importantly, you will have to be very careful while treating the belongings of other people as if they were your own. You will only need to spend a little sum of money in the beginning stages of setting up a business in your town.

Buy cheap materials

In order for your company to be profitable, you will need to purchase inexpensive boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Banana boxes are great, and if you can obtain them from retail stores before they toss them away, this can be one way to save a significant amount of money per individual customer. Keep all of the boxes from each move you make so that you can reduce the amount of time and labour needed for the subsequent relocation. In wholesale shops such as Sam’s Club, Costco, and Makro, you may get rolls of tape at a low cost.

Pricing your service

When figuring out how much to charge for this kind of service, you can add $3 per box for materials, even if you get them for free, plus an hourly rate. For this kind of work, $25 per hour seems fair. In general, packing up a small house or apartment will take about eight hours, but packing up a large house could take anywhere from two to three full days. This would amount to roughly $200 every day, and despite the fact that you are investing some of your time in it, it would still be considered almost entirely profitable.

Advertise your business

Rental truck firms, such as U-Haul pickup stations and Van Hire Outlets, would be fantastic places to advertise your business because of their large customer base. Flyers could be posted within apartment complexes have several moves each month, which is another potentially effective marketing strategy. Make an effort to build relationships with real estate agents and realtors so that they will think of you when someone needs help selling their home.

Get insurance

You might want the protection of a business entity that is easy and cheap to set up. If you break something of your client’s, it would be smart to have insurance.

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