Opening a Packing & Unpacking Service Business

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People get trembled with painful thoughts when they are to make a move from one place to another as packing, bubble wrapping, tape, boxes, lifting, carrying, and unpacking is a huge stress. While many people are courageous to do that kind of job on their own, most require your help to cut down their stress by offering them packing & unpacking services.

Capabilities required

In order for you to start your own packing and unpacking business, you will need to be a well-organized person who has the ability to lift and carry up to 40lb boxes and most importantly be careful while handling belongings of others as if they are your own. There is a need for minimal startup costs to open a business of this kind in your city.

You will need to buy cheap boxes, tape, and bubble wrap to be profitable in this business. If you can get boxes from retail stores before they throw them away, banana boxes are ideal, which is one way of saving a large expense per customer. Also, save the boxes after each move and you can save both time and money with the next move. You can get cheap rolls of tape at wholesale places such as Sam’s Club, Costco, & Makro.

When pricing this type of service, you can add a cost of $3.00 per box for materials (even if you get them for free), plus work on an hourly rate. $25 per hour would be reasonable for this type of work. An average packing job would take about 8 hours for a small house or apartment and maybe a couple of full days for a large house. This would turn out to about $200 per day, and since you are using your time, it is almost all profit.

A good place to advertise would be with rental truck companies such as U-Haul pickup locations & Van Hire Outlets. Posting flyers within apartment complexes that have many moves each month could also prove profitable. Try to network with Realtor or Estate Agents so they will refer people to you when they sell a home.

You may want the protection of a corporate entity that you can setup rather inexpensively. Some insurance would be a good idea in case you break something of your client’s