You can open an oxygen bar as a separate cafe, or you can provide a service in nightclubs, cinemas, entertainment centers, bowling alleys, etc. Oxygen bar range: various oxygen cocktails and services to inhale oxygen with aromatic oils. Customers will breathe in pleasant air while enjoying the atmosphere of the establishment.

To open an oxygen bar, you need to buy a room (renting a place with existing entertainment complexes is suitable) and stock up on the necessary equipment.

Bar equipment:

• bar counter;

• chairs;

• a device for the production of oxygen foam.

There are many ways to run a business. Consider the following option: a small retail outlet is located inside an entertainment complex, fitness center, cinema, or nightclub. You will need 2-3 sq. m. area. Install a bar counter, place an apparatus for making oxygen cocktails on it. Buy dishes and straws in advance. The establishment can also offer regular juices and cocktails. You should draw up a price list with the names and prices of all goods.

One oxygen cocktail requires the following ingredients: 50 ml of juice without pulp, for foaming – 2 ml of licorice root syrup. You will also need a glass or a disposable cup and a straw. The cost of a cocktail is $0.08.

Business income

The cost of selling one oxygen cocktail is from $0.8 to $1.25. The price depends on the level and prestige of the institution. At least 50 cocktails are sold per day (this is the lowest amount, usually more are sold). Daily revenue will be $50, for a month you will earn $1500. Fresh business ideas (such as one of the examples of oxygen cocktails and the sale of rolled air) have low start-up costs, little competition, while quickly paying off and the entrepreneur makes a good profit.

Ashly William

This piece of expertise is brought to you by Ashly William who is a freelance writer and a trainer on business services and marketing. Her work has been acknowledged by many national and international publications.