There are five different specializations for a business that offers organization services including space planning, time management, paper records management, closet or storage design, and clutter control, etc.

Space planning involves organizing the furniture, traffic flows, lighting, noise and leisure space in a commercial setting. Time management is teaching people within the client organization to set goals, develop action plans, and how the schedule and delegate tasks to get things done.

Paper or records management is organizing the information flows through the business and includes setting up filing and retrieval systems for paper-based and electronic documents.

Clutter control involves designing layouts to ensure efficient placement fo things to keep the clutter to a minimum. And closet or storage design involves setting up or reorganizing storage space. Usually, a professional organizer business will specialize in just one or two of these services.

You need to be a highly organized type of person. If you are interested in creating efficiencies and have a good knowledge of storage systems, knowledge systems, commercial furniture, supplies, and accessories you are well on your way.

The equipment requirements of this type of business are minimal, they include a pager or a cell phone and a computer. As a part of your setup costs, you will need to organize good quality business cards to promote your business. Business indemnity insurance is also probably a good idea as well as income protection insurance. Your total setup costs including your computer will range between $500 – $2,000.

With a Professional Organizer business, you can expect to earn between $25 to $40 an hour on the job. Depending on how many hours you work your annual income will range between $25,000 to $45,000. You could also increase your earnings by offering related products, like storage devices, personal organizers to manage appointments, etc to your clients.

Jacob Dillon

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