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Real estate is a flourishing field as the need for living and working space is growing with the ever-increasing human population. That means starting a real estate business is an excellent way to a prosperous career as people would have significant needs for land to be used for agriculture or construction works and buildings for habitation or office work.

The term “real estate” collectively refers to the management and development of land and buildings for agricultural activities and human habitation. The land is exploited to construct shopping complexes, shops, warehouses, housing, and other commercial structures.

The buildings, in turn, foster the fulfillment needs for living and working of people. Nonetheless, here are the 10 most successful business ideas to launch a business in the real estate industry.

1. Apartment locator

Renters, especially people who are new to a city, confront difficulties while searching for apartments. They look for rooms and facilities that meet their standards.

Apartment locators help these people, who may be students, laborers, working professionals, etc., find apartments of their choice. While an apartment locator connects them with owners for free, she gets a referral fee from apartment owners.

2. Architecture

No buildings from single story to skyscrapers can find erection on a particular land without architectures. These architectures will always be direly needed for planning and designing buildings.

One who has graduated with a bachelor of architecture combined with good communication skills and a healthy intern experience can become an architect.

3. Apartment rental

Approaching a landlord for renting an apartment is a priority for tenants when they reach a city for studies or work. If you are a landlord who has a ready supply of rooms available for rent, you should do an apartment rental business.

Take the help of apartment locators for getting customers and feature your property on online portals for promotion.

4. HAVC contractor

HVAC systems are constantly being used in nearly all buildings to help occupants cope with extreme temperatures during hot summer and chilling winter seasons.

This type of business is perhaps the least expensive choice you could start in the real estate field. HAVC contractor gets called when, mostly during hot summers, residential and commercial customers require installing and repairing heating and cooling systems.

5. Commercial space rental

If there is anything new startups and established companies require on priority, it is office spaces. You know that new startups are forming rapidly in various fields while established companies are continually setting up afoot at recent locations.

Thereby, you may want to open a commercial space rental business that will provide workspaces sought by business organizations.

6. Construction cleaner 

You know that wherever buildings are demolished or where dwellings are to be constructed, or where newly erected buildings have to be prepared for occupancy, there is a need for someone who takes away accumulated debris from the place. You could be that person by opening a construction cleaning business.

7. House painting

Once the construction of a new house is finished, there is a need for somebody to paint it because we know owners of these houses wouldn’t like to leave them unpainted before they are ready to live in them. If you’ve painting skills, you should not pass on opening a house painting business.

8. Property Brokerage 

Property brokers earn commission while bringing property sellers and buyers to happy final settlements. Though you desire to become a property broker, you need to have skills where both parties satisfactorily end up making deals howsoever there is no heavy investment burden.

9. Property management 

While opening property management is possible with almost little to no investment but certainly not without strong liaison skills, you will be involved in creating and cementing relationships with parties like landlords, tenants, contractors, etc.

10. Real estate agent 

The real estate agent does nothing but to coordinate and fix appointments regarding land, offices, houses between his or her potential clients and sellers. While it isn’t without stiff challenges, one single deal can free you for months if successfully fixed.

Becky Holton

This Guide is brought to you by Becky Holton who is a journalist and a blogger. She teaches and trains budding entrepreneurs on various startup aspects.