Ritesh Agarwal Success Story: From a College Dropout to a Millionaire

Today, we will share and help you derive inspiration from the story of a 24 year old boy who founded a million dollar company.

” Every goal that you want to attain requires sacrifice and tireless exertions “

Ritesh Agarwal is an inspirational person to thousands of youth who desire to setup next startup unicorns. A very down to earth 24 year old boy hailing from Odisha, a state in eastern India, went through tremendous pain in order to  pursue his entrepreneurial dream. He stood strong even in a time when he had to sell a sim card for survival.

Ritesh while narrating his life story, said that I have been different through my childhood. I was born in a very small town where 80% people lived below poverty line. It was extremely tough. I did not have a lot of friends as a part of my early childhood but the reality was that I tried to look at it the other way. In fact, I felt it was so exciting.

I started doing different things in my childhood. So, all the way from writing lines of codes which made me feel that I could do things that i wanted to instead of things that people wanted me to do to selling sim cards, i did everything differently as a part of my childhood.

Post my 10th grade, a lot of people from place where i grew up, if you are reasonably well off, they go out of the city because it is very difficult to stay in a place prone to accidents. So you got the opportunity to come to the northern half of country. Because i was in Odisha, i had the opportunity of going to best coastal areas all the way from Andhra Pradesh to West Bengal.

This was my opportunity to look at the hills. Every weekend I would take a Volvo bus and go to Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Jammu and Kashmir etc. I would spend my week at those places and I feel it so exciting for me as a traveller.

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Satyabrata Dash

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