Sheep are domesticated animals people raise for various commodities – meat, wool, and parchments. Sheep farming is one of the old yet common commercial practices in our Kashmir.

People not only would rear sheep for their own subsistence but also for the trade conduct. But, it is very unfortunate to say that we have lost touch with this ancestry business as a result of growing craze for government jobs. It is one of the known reasons why we face second-worst employment rate in India.

Kashmir which was once a proud place for sheep farming has now become an import dependent for sheep. Our production for sheep mutton and wool has reduced to a trickle, and our import dependency for the same commodity on other states has increased multiple times. Isn’t it a sufficient proof why our youth are largely unemployed today?

We may have lost employment but we never should lose hope that we would regain back our hold on our ancestry business – sheep farming. There is a large room available for sheep farming entrepreneurship in our valley Kashmir.

Sheep farming is a profitable business in Kashmir. However, our youth are required to debunk feelings of social embarrassment. They have to look for positives in sheep farming as they would be able to earn livelihood, and provide employment to others. Our young generation will also contribute to our ailing economy as they would be able to put a stop on import cash flows, and generate income.

Sheep farming gives our unemployed youth a hope of landing on a better means of livelihood, and consequently enjoys ahead a happy and stress-free life. They could turn our valley into a goldmine for sheep production, and make us proud by bringing reduction in our alarming unemployment rate and developing and bring improvement in our capacities for exports.

Sheep farming also enjoys a great natural as well as governmental support in Kashmir. We have sufficient availability of pasture fields and there have been launched multiple schemes to augment people in tapping sheep farming business ventures. For instance, Directorate of sheep Husbandry Kashmir offers our potential entrepreneurs an excellent opportunity to start their sheep farms. Their sheep farm gets largely funded by J&K Bank loan schemes.

One of the schemes available of Directorate of Sheep Husbandry Kashmir will ensure you 50 crossbred ewes and two cost-free rams for breeding purpose. The loan structure for your sheep farm covers your expenditures on land, building, machinery, equipment, and livestock.

In conclusion, it is unfortunate to say that sheep farming isn’t considered a respected job in Kashmir but there should be no embarrassment felt in a job which gives you a ray of hope for living your livelihood dream. Some people will see you as a mere shepherd but others will look at you as a saviour of their families as you will be providing them employment opportunities.

Brenda Savoie

Brought to you by Brenda Savoie who is an English tutor, educational expert, and a career guide. She is writing her first romance novel and is seeking contentment through mindfulness