Sheetz franchise Opportunity

Is Sheetz a franchise? If it’s, then how much does it cost to open one franchise unit of Sheetz company? Just relax and explore answers here to these two important queries. 

1. What is Sheetz?

Sheetz incorporation, an Altoona, Pennylvania based company, owns and operates a chain of gas stations and convenient stores. The foundation of Sheetz incorporation was laid down by Bob Sheetz in the year 1952. The company derives its name from the name of its founder.

Sheetz after being operational for eleven long years ( 1963 ) opened second store which was given the name “Sheetz Kwik Shopper”. Five years on from 1963, Sheetz established its third store.

Stephen G. Sheetz was given a part time job by his brother who founded the company. Both brothers in 1983 set a record, opened 100 stores. However, in the next year G. Robert Bob ( founder ) took retirement, leaving the responsibility of running the company on the shoulders of Stephen G. Sheetz.

As far as its current market presence is concerned, Sheetz owns more than five hundred ( 500 ) outlets operational across six states of United States.

2. Does Sheetz franchise?

No, Sheetz does not offer franchise opportunities. That means, you can not buy the right to use the brand name of Sheetz company.

The official website of Sheetz reads that the company has no plans of selling franchises. It will stay family owned and a privatly held business. Thanks.

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