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We welcome all those people who look forward to publish sponsored posts on StartupDailyTips. We would love to work with them provided they are able to meet our blog requirements. In order for your sponsored post to qualify, here are our defined paramters.

Requirements in nutshell

When it comes to writing a sponsored post for us, it should be noted that we don’t compromise on quality. Even if your content copy contains just 500 words, we will have no problem to publish it on the condition we feel it delivers practical value to our audience – aspiring and established entrepreneurs all over the world.

We would reject articles containing plagiarized content or using stolen ideas of others. That means your article should be an unpublished piece of content and it should contain your own original ideas and insights and it should prove helpful in one or the other way to our readers compromised by aspiring and already existing business owners.

You will be attaching an article image [copyright free]with a maximum of 100px size. However, you are not required to add author bio.

Your rewards

There are many rewards you can enjoy from us by sponsoring a post on StartupDailyTips. Fill our form below to let us know your expectations and choose a pricing plan that best suits your budget.

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