Starting a Bicycle Rental Business

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If you love bike rides, one of the best businesses you can consider to make your living is a bike rental business. Bike rentals do well at places witnessing frequent tourist visits.

When you start a bike rental business, many travelers and tourists will hire your bicycles for a couple of hours. They will rent bicycles to enjoy and explore their rides in and around your place. Bicycle riding is also an adored activity near places like beaches and parks.

You will enjoy conducting a bike rental business more provided you live nearby a beach or a tourist destination. It is excellent and outstanding if you already operate a business near any such place.

You need to add bicycle rentals and therefore maximize your earnings. Here are almost all the requirements you need to get started with your own specialized bike rental business.  

Legal formalities 

Before you even get started, you need to get a business license while submitting an application form to your regional transport authority.

In India, you may also need to get your service tax registration probably after a year or so in case your revenue grows more than Rupees 10 Lakh annually. Online registration is readily available.

Getting you started

Moving beyond the legal requirements, you will be looking for a shop available for rent near your tourist destination. Keep in mind that your shop must have sufficient space for bike racks.

Add success to your story while preparing a business plan and learn about your competitors you might be facing in your place. Your competitors are necessarily people doing the same business. Your business can impact even taxi and auto drivers. You need to negotiate a win-win situation with them. 

Buy and showcase a fleet of bikes {10-20} to the visitors who will be passing by your shop. Moreover, purchase a few racks to ensure the safe parking of your bicycles.

If you want to keep your startup costs contained, consider buying second-hand bikes. However, you will be making them look new and attractive to tourists while taking them for repairs.

A significant portion of your startup costs will be buying bikes, racks, helmets, and other equipment that ensure safety to the riders. There will also be a need for using a small amount for maintenance and other daily utilities. 

You will also require having an insurance policy to help your bike rental business stay unharmed. It is because renters might sustain bodily injuries while riding their bikes. 

Networking yields good results. Network with your local business establishments to send you customers. They may include hotels, restaurants, etc.

Put up glamorous signage to add strength to your marketing efforts. However, it should be placed on the front side of your shop so that tourists who pass by get to notice you quickly. It would help if you did not lose on using social media platforms as well.

After all, social media does help in promotion. You should also put up a website to capitalize on the online booking opportunity.