Starting a gardening business means designing and planting, and maintaining gardens for your customers.

The typical activities involved in a gardening business are lawn mowing, cleaning all leaf litter from pathways, and garden bed weeding.

In addition, you may also have to lop off twigs, and branches of shrubs, bushes, and ensure removal of all waste from the gardens of your customers.

Here is what we think are important requirements for starting a profitable gardening business.

Your qualifications, tools, startup costs, and expected income to make, etc. have been covered in detail.


Opening a gardening business does not require formal qualifications. However, you should get a trade qualification in horticulture as it will showcase your credibility when you go out to meet new customers.

In addition, you should have extensive knowledge of plants – both indigenous and exotic, climatic conditions and growing seasons in your region.

Important tools

If you have done some gardening work in the past, you perhaps may already have all or some necessary tools required for your business. You may also need to upgrade or replace some of your old tools.

The important tools you require to do your gardening work are – lawnmower, rotary hoe, wheelbarrow, blower-vac, and some hand tools. Besides, you might want to keep or rent a vehicle required for carrying your tools and equipment when you attend to your customers for service delivery.

Expenditure required

In order to fully equip your gardening business, you can expect to spend anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000. You may need to stretch your budget in case you want to buy a vehicle.

Your overall startup expenditure also covers costs of your consumables, pesticides, seeds, and weedicides. Additionally, you will be spending some money on business promotions as well like on the creation of promotional materials – pamphlets and business cards.

Signwriting on your vehicle can prove a plus point as it will increase the visibility of your business in your working regions.

Income expectations

With a gardening business, you can either negotiate an hourly rate for the work you do or work to a quoted price for a ‘piece’ of work. If you are working alone, your yearly income will range between $40,000 – $60,000.

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