Do you want to start a business in the most fun industry in the world?  And do you want to make a lot of money doing it?  If so, you have come to the right place!  Running a successful modeling agency is basically a dream come true for anyone who has done it – even working at one is fun!

Many entrepreneurs fail before they start and the sooner you treat this as a business venture and not a project the better off you will be. The basics of a successful business always begin with a plan. You may have to create a couple of versions until you achieve the one that is a perfect fit for what you want to do and is also a fiscal fit for what you are able to do.

Assuming you have some experience in modeling, obtaining additional business classes to get a general background of what you are in for will be very beneficial. The first draft of your business plan can begin at any time. For your business plan, you will have a pre-opening a model agency plan and the plan for when you open a model agency. You have to complete these plans to figure out financing because under financing will sink any business before you have a chance to open the doors.

In the preplan, finding a potential location is top on your list. In business, there is one thing you will hear repeatedly; location, location, location. After you find a prospective location, start to make a list of remodeling and interior design that needs to take place. Be certain you have enough space to open a modeling agency to grow, and for offices. The next step is to start interviewing contractors and interior designers to get estimates for work to be done to open a model agency.

The fun part is the next step of the plan, which is the actual business plan.  Documenting price and cost estimates to enter in at the end will be essential. Make a list of everything it will take to open, marketing, photographers, employees, consultants, promotions, receptions, caterers; your list will be extensive. Break down every item into its own category and make notes under each. As you do this process, you will begin to educate and feel confident about your decisions. When you feel you have covered everything, calculating a projected financial budget so you can obtain financing will fall into place with your business plan. Remember to put your salary in your budget projections.

The key employee in your business is the person who greets prospective customers. This will be the most important hiring you will have to make. That person has to work well with you and be extremely organized and able to handle anything unexpected that may come up. If you plan everything carefully, your chances of opening a successful modeling agency are much better.

Shahid Amin

Brought to you by Dr. Shahid Amin Trali who is an Assistant Professor at ITM University Gwalior, Editor-in-Chief for and a regular columnist of various leading newspapers in India. He can be reached at-