All school going children need to wear a dress code as specified by their respective schools. If you have good sewing skills, it might be a good idea for you to open your own school uniform sewing business. This business deals with sewing uniforms for children who go to the school and we are pretty sure that there should be a lot of children who need such service in your locality.

Required skills

To be able to land a school uniform sewing business, one who is interested, requires to have excellent sewing skills. He or she needs to know about taking precise measurements, jotting down measurement readings of your customer on a paper, cutting the fabric and then sewing together the pieces. Courses for learning how to sew are available online as well as offline. There should be a nearby training centre where students are taught sewing at your place. Working with a tailor for practical exposure is also a good option.


Since sewing a garment is a simple process, just a few tools are required by you. The first important tool for you to use is a tap measure to take measurements of your customer’s waist, chest, shoulder width, leg length and breadth etc. The second tool you will use is a scissor for giving a proper cut to the fabric. L-square scale, a marker pen, few needles and a sewing machine are other necessary tools required by you. These all tools are very cheap to buy.

Your clients

All those parents in your community who have school going children are your potential customers. While you might have difficultly in convincing them during your initial stage of your business, a good way to deal with it is to contact school principles or their owners for sending you referrals. You might have to pay them some amount for referrals.

Sarah Contreras

The author holds a bachelor's degree in Communication with expertise in certain fields like media and marketing. She currently works as a web content contributor for ANC Delivers, one of the fastest fleet home and corporate delivery services in Australia.