wood logs

Wood cutters are the people who provide us timber and firewood which we use for a number of purposes. They ensure it to happen by cutting, and transporting wood to the factories where it is converted into a number of products.

Cutting wood is a physically demanding and mentally taxing job, but it also has the potential to be a very lucrative business venture if done in the right way. When starting a wood cutting and logging business, you will have to deal with a number of different people.

Your first party are wood growers or farmers, your labour occupy the second position in the rank while wood buyers hold the third position. Wood buyers could possibly be pencil factories, plywood factories, wood boxes mills. All of them need to kept very happy so that you won’t have problems in getting your business goals.

Learn to measure

One of the most important prerequisite demanded by this line of work is the familiarity with the wood calculation method. The universally accepted measurement to calculate wood is CFTs. When converted to decimal form, One foot equals 12 inches. You will be using a measuring tape to measure log’s length and width to determine its volume. Following is the standard formula for determining the size of a cylindrical log:

Length x Width x Width. The two times breadth is commonly called girth.
3.6 feet length x 12 inches breath x 12 inches breadth = 0.22 decimals

Identify your buyers

Sawmills, plywood factories, pencil factories, etc require wood for making lumber, plywood sheets, and pencils. You will need to contact them for selling your wood. They constitute your key target buyers.

You will have gather all the pertinent information like the price at which they agree to buy from you, the modes of payment they will be using while sending you your payment. You should never offer them a target under no circumstances as it will only add to your pressure. It is not generally recommended during the initial stages of your business. Don’t get into any kind of agreement with them. Simply, let them know that you will provide them when you have the availability of wood with you.

Dealing with growers

Wood is grown in arid lands by farmers so that they maximize their income. They are the people who are to be contacted to obtain wood. Never deal on a phone rather visit the plot where trees are supposed to cut. Calculate all costs that would go for labor, machines, transportation charges, and see if you could make a profit. Just after that seal the deal by buying at the lowest rate possible so that you maximize your profit margins.

Getting started

There are just a few requirements to get you started with a wood cutting and logging business. Of the many important things you require is learning woodcutting skills. Learn how to cut wood safely and efficiently by joining with experienced local woodcutters for at least 1 month. Once you gain full mastery over woodcutting skills, you can take your own route.

Hire up to 3 labours for handling cutting, carrying, and vehicle loading like activities involved. Keep them always happy since they are the people your business depends on. Give them timely wages, serve them tea, food, and let them take rest when they need to for few minutes since wood logging is a physically tough job.

Buy a woodcutter machine and be cautious while using it and instruct the same to your labour. Keep maintenance kit, petrol, few chains always available so that your time is not wasted while you cut wood. That is all you need.

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