Start a Wood Cutting and Logging Business

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The wood that we use for plenty of purposes including timber and firewood comes to us from woodcutters. They are the people who cut, fell, and sell the wood to factories for making plenty number of products.

Woodcutting is a stressful and labor-intensive work but it could be a highly profitable business as well provided you handle it the right way. There are multiple parties you will be dealing with in a wood cutting and logging business. The first party is wood growers, your labors are second and wood buyers are last to whom you will be selling your wood. All of them should be kept happy to find your success.

Wood calculation method

The most important prerequisite demanded in this business is the learning wood calculation method. Wood is generally bought and sold in CFTs. One foot equals 12 inches that in turn equals 100 decimals. A wood log is measured while taking its length, breadth into consideration while using a tap measure. The general formula to be used while you calculate the measurement of a cylindrical log is given as:

Length x Width x Width. The two times breadth is commonly called girth.
3.6 feet length x 12 inches breath x 12 inches breadth = 0.22 decimals

Dealing with buyers

Wood is required by furniture factories that make tables, chairs, and other products, sawmills, and carpentry working people. Those constitute your market. Obtain all necessary information including the price at which they will buy wood from you, payment whether on credit or cash and never give them a target in your initial startup period. Just tell them you will deliver when you will have the availability of wood.

Dealing with growers

Wood is grown in arid lands by farmers so that they maximize their income. They are the people who are to be contacted to obtain wood. Never deal on a phone rather visit the plot where trees are supposed to cut. Calculate all costs that would go for labor, machines, transportation charges, and see if you could make a profit. Just after that seal the deal by buying at the lowest rate possible so that you maximize your profit margins.

Getting started

There are just a few requirements to get you started with a wood cutting and logging business. Of the many important things you require is learning woodcutting skills. Learn how to cut wood safely and efficiently by joining with experienced local woodcutters for at least 1 month. Once you gain full mastery over woodcutting skills, you can take your own route.

Hire up to 3 labors for handling cutting, carrying, and vehicle loading like activities involved. Keep them always happy since they are the people your business depends on. Give them timely wages, serve them tea, food, and let them take rest when they need to for few minutes since wood logging is a physically tough job.

Buy a woodcutter machine and be cautious while using it and instruct the same to your labor. Keep maintenance kit, petrol, few chains always available so that your time is not wasted while you cut wood. That is all you need.