Starting a Successful Biryani Business in 6 Steps

Starting a biryani business is a good choice for foodies with entrepreneurial spirit. It is easy and a profitable business venture. All you need to consider are biryani cooking skills, utensils to cook, and ways of selling biryani to your customers. 

Biryani is a delicious food eaten throughout India. A variety of biryani prepared and served in India are vegetable biryani, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, and many other types. South Indians are fond of biryani and they should have it at least once a weak.

Making your biryani

Biryani is a no quick made food. Preparation of a typical biryani takes somewhere around 20 minutes to half an hour. You need to learn everything including recipe, ingredients, and a perfect way to make a biryani.

The best trainer you can attend to learn about biryani making is your mother. Mothers are best teachers who teach us with compassion and for free. So, visit your home kitchen for a couple of days and ask your mother to help you learn biryani making. Continue until you perfect your biryani cooking skills. 

Buy cooking essentials

You require certain cooking essentials to make biryani – a gas connection, few pans, and most importantly ingredients. One of the important ingredients you need is rice; refine oil, and other masalas.  

A perfect biryani takes perfect cooking skills. So, pay attention when you make your biryani. You can make a variety of biryani – depending upon your customer’s request. They may order you for vegetable biryani – especially vegetarians. Some will ask you chicken biryani – is most popular. Some may even ask for mutton biryani.

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Sell your biryani

Decide on how you want to sell your biryani – whether on a cart to go from one place to another or in a shop. You need to reserve a small space for your kitchen works, and shelving your utensils.

Selling on a cart will serve on the go customers. You will be using paper boxes to pack biryani of your customers.

On the other hand, serving customers in a shop will need you to buy tables, and chairs. The other important things you need are plates, and spoons. 

You can also sell biryani online. Zomato like platforms will help your biryani reach more customers in your locality.