Bracelet is a business that can be started by anyone including children. There are many people who like to buy various kinds of homemade beaded jewellery, and

Such a business can be started even as a child, so anyone can try. Many people like to buy various handmade beaded jewelry, so this business and its product will always be in demand. To begin with, you need to buy ordinary beads, preferably of various shapes and colors, as well as a fishing line or thin elastic band, which is sold specifically for such crafts.

If you have experience in beading, then you do not need to explain what can be done with ordinary beads and fishing line, if there is no such experience, then you can buy books that will teach you how to make various crafts and jewelry from beads, as well as You can watch tutorials online.
Beads have long been considered a very attractive material for creating jewelry, so the demand for products of this kind will be unusually high.

What can be made from beads?

– various beads and bracelets are in great demand, which you can make from both single-color and multi-colored beads, you can also learn how to weave a person’s name, symbols, patterns on a bracelet;
– brooches made of beads, made both in the form of a flower and in the form of various small animals, also look very beautiful;
– key rings, hairpins braided with beads will become an original design surprise for customers.

In general, the creation of various objects of artistic creativity depends on how well you understand the technique of weaving, as well as on your artistic skills and taste.

Remember, no one will buy an ugly craft with crooked weaving, so constantly improve your skills. Start by making the simplest items, gradually complicating your task. You can look at interesting ideas for creating original accessories and jewelry from beads on the Internet. Try to make beaded gifts to your acquaintances and friends, if they like them, then this work is your calling.

Startup Costs

The price for such crafts can be set low, and as your skills become more complex, gradually raise. In total, the initial contribution to such a business will be no more than $15-20, it can be less, depending on how many beads you are going to buy and what to make from it. On average, a bag of beads costs no more than $0.26, it will take about 3-5 bags to make a bracelet.

If you are interested in such an activity, then it will be a great help to your family, because you can post photos of the samples you have made on the Internet, and even create your own site for needlework and creativity.

Ashly William

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