Everyone knows that a moderate tan is very useful and beautiful. Therefore, many people regularly visit solariums to maintain their health and fitness. The provision of artificial tanning services is a cost-effective and successfully developing type of modern business. According to experts, it is profitable even in the southern regions, because the price for a solarium is not high, and beautiful skin is spectacular at any time of the year.

It is necessary to find a clean, dry, well-equipped room. It can be rented or agreed on a free mutually beneficial installation of the device in a free place in a beauty salon, sports complex, hotel. Cleaning of the premises and disinfection of equipment can be done on your own or paid for by the administrator.

You can get started with a semi-professional tanning bed for up to $5,000. But it should be borne in mind that it does not give a sufficiently high-quality tan. If you are serious about doing business, you need a professional unit that costs about $ 10,000. For VIP clients, cabins with additional functions worth $ 20-25 thousand are purchased. Then tanning in the solarium is accompanied by massage, aromatherapy, splashing with sea water. You can save money and buy second-hand solariums coming from Western Europe and the USA. If you order several units from the same manufacturer, you can get discounts.

There are two types of professional equipment:

• Horizontal solarium. The client is comfortably lying down. It takes more time to achieve a healthy tan.
• Vertical solarium. The booth is equipped with more powerful lamps, takes up less space, is more hygienic, and requires less time. To tan the sides, the client has to raise his hands.
• Solarium chair. For some people, whole-body irradiation is contraindicated. However, nothing prevents you from giving your face, hands or feet a pleasant colour.

Vertical solariums are more expensive than horizontal ones, but pay off faster. The most cost-effective option is a studio of 3-5 devices of various modifications and capacities. Staff with a beautiful tan will be a great free advertisement.

In order for a solarium business to be profitable, services should be offered in densely populated areas. In the city centre, the cost of rented space is quite high, and there is not enough clientele on the outskirts. The best location is in the middle distance.

Most often, the solarium is visited by busy people, they cannot be kept in line. Therefore, the provision of services should be organized by appointment. The uniform distribution of work is convenient for the maintenance and service of equipment.

Solarium lamps are suitable for 800 hours of operation. They will shine even more, but the quality of the tan will gradually deteriorate, and the risk of burns will increase, which will immediately affect the flow of customers. It will also be reduced by untidy unfriendly staff, insufficient service. The more comfortable the room and the more original design, the more visitors the studio will have.

Operating expenses:
• room rent
• electricity
• staff salaries
• disinfectants
• maintenance, replacement of solarium lamps

For solarium services, the price is set depending on the quality of equipment and service. Cosmetics and accessories bring additional profit: breast and eye pads, glasses, hats, slippers. The difference between the cost of purchase and sale can be up to 80%.

Becky Holton

This Guide is brought to you by Becky Holton who is a journalist and a blogger. She teaches and trains budding entrepreneurs on various startup aspects.