It is nice to hear that you want to open a tea stall. But are you ready for the responsibilities of running a business? If Yes, read on as we show you a roadmap to launch a profitable tea stall business – no matter where you live in India.

There is no example that could show our love for tea translated chai in Hindi. We may give up food but in no way tea. We Indians drink tea throughout the day – most take it three times a day but some take as many times as they want in a day.

Tea or call it chai in Hindi remains in demand throughout the year. Just ensure arrangements of the following requirements to start your tea stall business.

Learn to make tea

Tea is one of the easiest beverages to make – just a week of practice will help you make a perfect tea. You can use your home kitchen to learn to make tea.

The tea recipe is simple to learn. Typical tea ingredients include milk, Lipton tea, water, and sugar. A mixture and boiling of these ingredients give rise to a drinkable tea. Isn’t it simple?

Buy cookware

There are two ways to make tea – traditional and modern. The traditional way consists of using a tea vessel with a handle, a spoon, and a gas connection. And modern involves using tea making machines or tea making kettles.

Regardless of the way you decide to use, make sure availability of ingredients in sufficient quantities but get your milk fresh every day. Learn to use electric kettles before you utilize them for making tea and the same advice should be followed in the case of a tea-making machine.

Selling your tea

Make a stall with an attachment of a small kitchen and a protected shelf to keep your tea material boxes. Locate your stall near a museum, university, college, tourist spots, shopping malls, corporate offices, etc., or at any place where people come for work, sightseeing, study, and other regular activities.

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