Sunil Bharti Mittal Biography & Facts

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Sunil Bharati Mittal was born on 23 of October 1957 in the city of Ludhiana which is in Punjab. He is a very determined Indian Industrialist in the field of Telecom and the founder as well as chairperson and MD of Bharati Group of Companies. His father Sat Paul was a Member of Parliament.

Sunil was earlier a student of Harvard and did his graduation from Punjab University. His father was a politician but he did not wish to do what his father did. He was interested in business since he was a teenager. Thus in 1970s, he along with his friend started a small business of bicycles with money that was borrowed. When he became aware gradually that the business would not grow, he left Ludhiana and went to Mumbai and was there for some years.

By 1982, he started his own complete business of selling generators that were portable and which had been brought from Japan. Thus he could now himself indulge in getting marketing and advertisement of his products. When 2 companies of India were given the license to make generators here in India ban was imposed by the government on import of generators.

Mittal though a workaholic, is a very modest and humble person. He does yoga every day which helps him with a lot. He has 2 sons and a daughter and his business is a joint one with his brothers. When mobiles were first being given license in 1992, Mittal managed to get the deal with the support of French Telecom Group.

In 1995 the brand name “AIRTEL” was formed to give cell phone services and it has become the 1st company to exceed 2 million subscribers within such a short span of time. The BCL has also brought down the rates of national long distance calls and international calls.