Inspiring Success Story of Alma Mater

If you have passion and determination, anything is possible even if you lack experience.

Varun Agarwal is one of the brilliant Indian entrepreneurs who at a very young age along with his classmate Rohn Malhotra in 2009 at Bangalore co-founded Alma Mater, an online store that sells customized t-shirts, hoodies etc to students across India.

The duo didn’t have any business experience but they weren’t devoid of passion and determination either. Varun says that he had to face a lot of criticism from his parents initially. He continued to face unpleasant behavior for his work. However, ultimately he braved it all and hence became the founder of a million dollar company -Alma Mater.

Opening Alma mater online store wasn’t something the duo had properly brainstormed rather the idea incidentally popped up in their minds while they were enjoying a couple of beers in a local pub in Bangalore says, Varun Agarwal, while sharing his story during INK conference. Varun says they couldn’t wait to write down a business model for their startup on a tissue paper in the bar itself.

Varun says that throughout my life, everyone around me, my friends, my family, my teachers etc always told me one word – think before you do anything. But this one word caused me more harm than anything else. Then I came across these two words – don’t think and actually these two words proved much helpful in shaping my life.

He went on to say that in 11th standard I became extremely fascinated by the concept of film making. At the end of high school, I went up to my mom and a best friend Anu aunty who always seems to take an active part in my life.

I told them that I want to be a filmmaker and obviously, there weren’t very impressed because in India if you want to be anything other than an engineer or a doctor, you are considered a terrorist. They obviously said no.

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