Vijay Mallya Profile and Biography

The Chairperson of United Beverages Group of industries is Vijay Mallya. He lately got a new airline launched which is used for the domestic front by the name of Kingfisher Airline. This airline is quite an impression on the people. Vijay Mallya is well known for his colorful and showy standard of living.

Vijay Mallya’s father was Vittal Mallya who was an eminent industrialist.  He took over the United Beverages Company, as chairperson in 1983 and made the company soar high. It is because of his self-motivated leadership, that the company is now a multinational company which has more than 60 companies under it. The United Beverages company has many international companies under it hat.  The business that is handled by the United Beverages company is diverse and ranges from engineering, alcoholic beverages, agriculture, life science information and technology, leisure and chemicals etc.

The Kingfisher Airlines was set up by Vijay MAllya in 2005.  Though it has been only a short period, Kingfisher has made a place for itself in the Airline Industry. Kingfisher also ordered for the Airbus A380, which was the first to be ordered by an Indian Airline and also the 1st Indian airline to function with aircrafts that were all new.

Apart from business Vijay MAllya has interest in other things too. He is an enthusiastic yachtsman and an aviator and has bagged many cups in car racing which were done by professionals. Apart from this he has added many trophies to his cupboard which he won for horse racing.

Vijay MAllya entered the world of politics in 2000 by superseding Subramaniam Swamy. He became the President of the Janta Party and is now Member of Parliament of Rajya Sabha.

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