What is Quality Content? Definition and Importance

Highlight – Quality content isn’t just loved by search engines, it also makes users to stick for a long time and that is something we always want right. 

One of the common misconceptions about ranking higher in search engines is that your blog should have massively written pages. I don’t deny that pages loaded with huge content isn’t important, however, what i advocate is that writing quality content should be your priority. Without quality, your blog pages won’t reach anywhere.

Here is the definition and a brief explanation regarding the importance of high quality content with an illustration:

1. Definition

Quality content is the degree of value your articles provide to your blog visitors.

2. Quality content importance

Suppose you are a jobless person who from last one month has been trying to find a suitable job. One day you get to know that ABC company seeks candidates for certain jobs while reading a newspaper. You rush up to the company for interview and luckily you get selected. That newspaper delivered you what you were looking for and hence you start reading it daily.

What I am trying to say is that you can’t attract traffic unless you provide what your target users want from you. Don’t worry I am not trying to waste your time instead making you understand that quality content makes difference in the same way a quality product or service does. More qualitative your content, more you will succeed in drawing traffic towards your blog.

Webmasters should focus more on writing high quality content over other SEO techniques. The matter of the fact is that quality content isn’t something isn’t just wanted by your readers, it is loved by search engines as well. Search engines have very complex programs that only understand language but also provide right pages to users.

If your blog is jam packed with useless information, it might be completely banned by search engines like as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The key that certainly will ensure that you get higher rankings in search engines is that you should write valuable content for your users.

Rais Dar

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