Building a website is not a one-time thing. Many companies make the mistake of thinking of their website is something they create and forget about. Even if you make periodic updates to the content, the design remains the same. But, you may not realise it, but, if you have not done a redesign to your company’s website in the last couple of years, you are losing money.

The ultimate goal of any business website is to generate sales. If your website is out of date, non-functional, or just lost, you will not get the sales you expect. In fact, you may find your traffic, lead, and sales numbers decreasing over time.

Here are five reasons why you need to make a website redesign your top priority:

1. Web Credibility

An increasing number of people use the Internet to check out any company they are thinking of buying from or using services from. This includes local stores and companies they will visit in person. Your website helps to show your credibility with potential customers. If your website is out-of-date, unprofessional, or disorganised, it leaves a bad first impression. And that impression will stay with visitors.

2. Mobile Friendly

If you hadn’t noticed, more and more people browse the web using a mobile device. But, not all websites are mobile friendly. If your company’s website is not optimised for mobile devices, you are likely turning away potential customers. Visitors using mobile devices expect to have no issues viewing your site on a smaller screen. A non-mobile friendly website will need tons of scrolling, out of size fonts, and huge graphics. If mobile device users have such a problem, they are likely to go elsewhere.

3. Google Friendly

If Google can’t find you, no one else can (unless they have your URL). You need to make your website easy for Google and other search engines to find and love. Your website needs to contain content rich with keywords and high in quality. The search engines will begin to visit the site multiple times. Adding links inside and out will also lend credibility with the search engines. Make it easy for Google to love your site by providing rich page titles and meta descriptions.

4. Streamlined and Concise

Stuffing all your information on a single page will turn people away quickly. No one wants to scan 20 long paragraphs on a single page. Break large chunks of information into smaller ones and put them on a series of pages. Make sure your landing pages and your home page offer a summary of critical content, not an encyclopedia’s worth.

5. Colour and Layout

Selecting the right colours and layout can make a difference in how people judge your website. Many studies conducted for the past few decades show that some colours draw people while others repel. It is important to select a colour theme that supports your business goals. The layout is also important. Most visitors like a clean layout with easy navigation. Making the wrong choices on color or layout can cost you business.

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