Do you have a craze for clothes and want to open an Anthropologie franchise? If Yes, here is all the information we think is worth your 2 minutes of time, brought to you by the SDT research team.

Anthropologie is not just an ordinary brand but a destination where women are given adventurous feelings while they visit its wonderfully designed stores for shopping purposes. Anthropologie, an American based fashion retail chain, was incorporated by the CEO of Urban Outfitters named Richard Hayne in the year 1992 after he heard the plea of his close friend. The place of foundation for Anthropologie is located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, United States. The intention of creating an Anthropologie was to give women a way to express their identity and self in the best possible environment.

Anthropologie retail stores allow their shoppers to choose from a wide yet unique collection of clothing, jewelry, intimates, decor, and even home furniture. Despite having been rated as an overpriced fashion brand in the world, most women are fond of shopping at Anthropologie retail outlets. The fact of the matter of why do women love Anthropologie is that looks and good style matter most than prices to them.

Anthropologie has a network of more than 200 stores active across the world and it was the year 2009 when the company internationalized by opening its first retail store in London city.

While there is no doubt in the fact that Anthropologie is unique, and different from other brands in the fashion space, its products are viewed as a little costly. The company has been exercising a very creative marketing strategy to allure and make new customers. The success found by Anthropologie is linked to its ability to create strong emotional connections with its customers.

The Anthropologie franchise would be the best opportunity for people with love for fashion. However, that is an impossible dream as the company at the present time does not franchise its stores. Subscribe our newsletter to get notified when Anthropologie decides to franchise as SDT staff keeps a close eye on the moves of the company.

Foundation year1992
Locations 230
FounderRichard Hayne

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