Privacy Policy

We understand and value your privacy so much and hence take full responsibility to protect it in all means. This privacy policy document describes in detail the different types of your personal information we collect from you when you visit our website, why and where do we need to use your personal information, and how we preserve your personal information.

About us

We recommend you to try to know about us so that you feel your personal information is in safe hands. Startup Daily Tips is an online initiative launched with an aim to help aspiring entrepreneurs right from the conception to the creation of a successful startup business. We are highly passionate and at the same time proud about creating content that delivers real value to our visitors.

Whatever material you find and consume on our website has been prepared by us and our guest authors. We use our own experience, consult businessmen, experts and even sometimes refer to books when it comes to writing and publishing content on this very website. Even, when we realize value, we buy material from the third parties.

Personal information we collect

The personal information that we collect from you includes your name, email address, IP ( internet protocol ), ISP ( internet service provider ), your browsing behavior, page views, and your other details. And, we collect your data when you surf our website, post comments, subscribe to our newsletter, participate in our surveys, etc.

We don’t have any other intention of using your personal information except to bring improvement to our content so that we serve you your desired information, notify you about new articles by sending you periodic emails or provide you any sort of services on Startup Daily Tips website.

Please be assured from our side that your personal information will not be misused or shared with third parties except to comply with legal formalities. Furthermore, we do not store your personally identifiable information on our servers.

How we protect your personal data?

Your concern is our concern. We take solid measures to ensure your personal data is safe. Since we only provide information, we don’t ask our visitors to share their credit or debit card details. We use secured networks to contain your information and hence make sure that no one other than us gets access to it.

We use cookies

We use cookies, small files dropped by our website on your computer systems so that we collect, identify, and track your preferences and behaviors. In case you don’t want our cookies to be stored in your computer system or any other device, you can simply open your browser settings to disable our cookies.


We also allow Google Adsense and other third-party advertisers to display their advertisements on just to ensure financial support to this website, pay salaries to our staff, etc. Please note that Google Adsense and other third-party advertisers use cookie files to collect your IP address, ISP address, your browsing behavior, and other preferences in order for them to show you relevant ad units on your prior visits to this website.