Privacy Policy

We as the owners of Startup Daily Tips publication completely understand the privacy policy of our visitors or users and it is our responsibility to preserve it in all respects. Our fundamental principles regarding our user’s privacy policy are mentioned as following:

Log files information

We also, like other websites and blogs, collect and use information contained in log files. Log file information covers your IP address, ISP address, your browsing behaviour, your page views etc.

Personal information policy

We will never ever share your personal details with anyone ( third parties ) except to comply with legal formalities.

Server storing policy

Please keep in mind that your personal information is not stored on our servers.

Cookie policy

We use cookie files to collect, identify and track behaviours and preferences of our visitors.  In case you don’t like to receive cookies on your computer or any other device, we suggest you to set your browser in ” refuse cookies mode ” prior to using our blog.

Comment policy 

We may also use your comments to improve our content and services that we publish and provide on Startup Daily Tips.

Advertising policy

We allow third party advertisers ( Google Adsense and Affiliate program providers ) to place their ads on for only the financial support of this website and to provide salaries to our available staff. Please note that these third party advertisers use cookies to serve ads on your prior visits to our website. Your IP and ISP address, browser and browsing behaviour are used by advertisers to display their ad units on

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