Airtel acquires 8% stake in technology startup Lemnisk

Bharti Airtel made the announcement on Tuesday that it has purchased an eight percent interest in the technology startup Lemnisk as part of Airtel’s Start Up Accelerator Program. Lemnisk is a young company with its headquarters in Bengaluru that provides real-time marketing automation and a secure client data platform (CDP). Airtel and Lemnisk have agreed to … Read more

All you should Know About TechEagle

Becoming a developed country is very difficult unless there is a proper ground preparation for overcoming hurdles of progress. One of the major challenges that has harmed India’s growth and development to a large extent is transportation barriers such as traffic jams, and poor road infrastructure. In fact, it has damaged our economy more than … Read more

Entrepreneurship as a Solution to Unemployment

Unemployment is a serious economic problem faced by our country. There are around 4 million unemployed people in India. By definition, an unemployed person is someone who is available for work but doesn’t find a paid job. Unemployment alarms danger signal when there is a deficiency of work against the availability of people who are … Read more

This Startup Builds Artistic Exhibition Stands Design in Copenhagen

The most effective exhibition stands offer a dynamic on-field promotional environment that generates a steady footfall to your exhibition space. Setting up such an environment demands a flawless marketing strategy and a visionary exhibition stand design that invokes curiosity at first sight. The best stands builders in Copenhagen brings a massive return on investment for … Read more

Flyrobe Raises $3.71 million in B-Series Funding Round

News Highlight: Flyrobe raises around $ 3.71 million in its series B funding round. Flyrobe, Flyrobe, an on-demand fashion rental startup, has reportedly raised around $3.71 million in Series B funding round led by Sequoia Capital on Thursday. Sequoia Capital, while leading the funding round, is said to have invested Rs 10.1 crore, IDG Ventures … Read more