Top 10 Profitable Small Business ideas in Kashmir

The high rate of unemployment worries the people of Jammu and Kashmir more than anything else. People are highly talented and educated, but there are no jobs to support them, let alone career opportunities.

It is common in Kashmir for people to yearn for government jobs. They must remember that not everyone is fortunate enough to work for the government. In the valley, entrepreneurship is the best way to deal with unemployment or joblessness. Here are ten profitable small business opportunities in Kashmir to help you get started.

Agriculture business

According to a study conducted by Startup Kashmir, the agriculture sector accounts for approximately 23% of Jammu and Kashmir’s total GDP. However, it lacks an adequately organized structure, and people are unwilling to work in it. The local agriculture industry must develop sufficiently to limit the massive outflow of money for imports.

There is no need to import potatoes, rice, onions, mushrooms, strawberries, and other vegetables because Kashmir has mineral-rich soil that supports their cultivation. There is also a significant opportunity for the food processing industry to ensure the transformation of locally grown vegetables, cereals, dry fruits, and other foods into value-added products.

Dairy farming

In Kashmir, milk production also needs serious entrepreneurial attention because there aren’t enough dairy farms to meet the entire local demand for quality milk.

Even mass production of Zam Zam and other local brands is insufficient to close the demand-supply gap in Anantnag, Pulwama, Srinagar, and other districts. A cowshed and high milk-yielding cows are required to start a dairy farm.

Butter/Curd production 

The milk isn’t the only output of your dairy farm, and you would also want to sell butter and curd products to your local market constituted by a large number of households, restaurants, and hotels in the cities of Kashmir.

Poultry farming

While local consumption of poultry meat and eggs is high, production is weak in Kashmir. The valley imports poultry worth crores of rupees from other states. The local entrepreneurs can help avoid such a massive outflow of money to other states by launching their poultry farms in Kashmir itself.

Recycling business 

The recycling sector hasn’t so far received the full entrepreneurial action in Kashmir. There is an urgent need for more recycling collection centres and other allied businesses to solve millions of rupees worth trash in the valley.

The large quantities of discarded paper, plastic, aluminium cans, copper, metal scraps, ink cartridge, etc littering local households, and commercial establishments can be collected and dispatched to recycling plants for profits in Kashmir. 

Digital marketing

There are many local retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other enterprises that need the help of professionals to capitalize on the growing preference for online shopping in Kashmir.

If you have a healthy digital marketing experience, you can offer them various digital marketing services such as SEO, SEM, and SMO services as required by their businesses.

Computer support

The vast market of computer users encompassing individuals, banks, government departments, and educational institutes need timely computer support services in Kashmir.

Keeping that in mind, it is a good idea to launch your own computer repair business if you have skills for diagnosing, troubleshooting and fixing problematic computers.

Web design and development

Kashmir has seen a constant increase in the use of the internet as a means to access information about jobs, online shopping, educational materials, etc. over the years. As a result, local business establishments, universities, colleges, and even schools are under a lot of pressure to create and connect with them through web portals. It is a great opportunity for experienced web developers to launch their web design businesses.

Tourism business

The travel and tourism industry is a crucial driver for the Kashmir’s economy as it employs somewhere around 30% population of the valley. The valley witnessed more than a million tourist visits each year, and their number is increasing with time.

The arrival of tourists in Kashmir fosters the need for having businesses that serve their food, accommodation, recreation, and transport needs. You can launch a tour guide business, a restaurant where they eat food, hotels where they stay, cab service to travel from one destination to another and several other allied companies.

Sheep farming

The annual consumption for mutton in Kashmir is over 60000 tonnes. The local mutton production is around 40000 tonnes a year, and the remaining 20000 is imported from outside the valley. The imported portion of mutton can be replaced with local produce by opening sheep farms across Kashmir.

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