How to Start an Appliance Repair Business

It is a great idea to start an appliance repair business as the use of appliance gadgets is increasing in our homes, and office spaces. Our fast and busy life has made appliances become highly sought after things in our day to day activities. We are surrounded by washing machines, vacuum cleaners, water heaters, kitchen stoves, refrigerators, etc. to be needed for washing clothes, floor cleaning, boiling water, cooking, etc.

Appliances at times malfunction due to mechanical shock, stress, excessive current, short circuit etc. That is when we need to pay some amount of money to people who could make them rework. FYI, some reliable surveys have revealed that there will be around 21% growth in the demand for appliances repair technicians over the next ten years. Anyway, if you have a mechanical aptitude, starting an appliances repair business might prove a rewarding career investment for you.

1. Get properly trained

You can’t repair something unless you know about it. Getting properly trained to repair the faulty home appliances is an utmost prerequisite demanded by the trade.

You don’t have to apply for a formal training program, however, what you need in order to become a well-trained professional is to learn while working as a trainee under an experienced appliances repair technician. Depending on your learning ability, you may work with him for a year or more, but, you should not quit for a minimum of six months.

2. Develop a business plan

Yes, you have heard it right. You got to draft a business plan. Why because we don’t want you to face any difficulty in reaching your business goals, neither we want that you should suffer if uncertainties pose a threat to your business in future.

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Need help with business plan creation, our service is available round the clock. Can’t afford our service that hardly costs 10 dollars, then have a look at our complete startup business plan sample.

3. Get business license

Cross check whether or not you need a business license with people who are already running the trade of appliances repair business. If they are not willing to reveal, pay a direct visit to the office of local government authority to verify the same. Follow their instructions properly throughout the process of acquiring your business license.

4. Buy mandatory tools & equipment

Buying tools and equipment is where your major portion of investment goes. However, you’ll have to make sure to buy the best tools for every kind of repair involved. You will require tools for both basic as well as specific repairs. Some of the basic tools recommended by Sears Parts Direct publication are mentioned as:

  • screwdrivers
  • nut drivers
  • multi meter
  • putty knife
  • needle nose pliers
  • gloves
  • glasses etc

In addition, what you got to do is to keep the stock of quality parts available to be used to replace dead parts in a problematic home appliance.

5. Find a work space

You don’t necessarily need to spend money on renting a storefront. It can be done from a home provided you have a space available for repair task. You can provide on-site repair services as well where you visit the homes and apartments of customers. However, you would require a van for transporting your tools and equipment to the customer’s address.