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Starting a B2B business is a great choice with a bright future as more and more startups are emerging faster than ever before in history. B2B is a business model in which one business exchanges products or services with the other business. Some simple examples are wholesalers who buy goods from manufacturers and retailers who buy from distributors. Here are the top 7 small B2B business ideas that have grown in huge demand in recent times.


There are a lot of small business owners who are realizing how contracting out bookkeeping is in the interest of their businesses as it saves them money and time. The money and time that goes for bookkeeping could be saved and spent on other important business aspects. If you are a fan of maths, you could serve their bookkeeping needs.

Business consultancy

Most inexperienced individuals need guidance for starting their business and there are experienced ones also who need your consultation for their business improvement. If you a person with rich business experience, you can open a consultancy business to offer them learned lessons on a variety of business matters.

Food catering

Food for employees is a part and parcel of all businesses but there are a majority of companies that can’t afford time for food preparation on their own. If you are an experienced chef who doesn’t get vexed with working for long hours, you can launch a catering business to serve tasty food to the employees of these companies.

Computer repair

Computers are a vital part of how banks, governement departments, and insitutions perform their office work. These entities in order to prevent loss of employee productivity and time need professionals to repair their troubled computers. If you are a person who’s proficient for repairing computer related problems, it is a better option to start your career with a computer repair business.

Web design business

There is no surprise in the fact that companies are understanding how important it has become to have a website for their business. While most are able to give a fulltime employment, many, due to their budget paucity, outsource the work for website creation and maintaince to others. Therefore, we think there is no business better for you to start other than a web design business.

eCommerce solutions

Brick and mortor and new startup companies require eCommerce solutions as they can’t afford to lose revenue generated by their online shoppers. If you are someone who’s backed up with good skills for creating shoping carts, ERP software and other necessary eCommerce products, you can launch eCommerce solutions business.

Event planners

People like to celebrate events in order to revive their life memories. You will be planning, organizing, and cordinating their beautiful events such as birthdays, wedding anniverseries, coporate and social functions by starting an event planning business. Your target customers include families, companies, social, and religious organisations.

Becky Holton

This Guide is brought to you by Becky Holton who is a journalist and a blogger. She teaches and trains budding entrepreneurs on various startup aspects.