How to Become a Paytm Seller

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Just the way Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and other Indian online marketplaces help small business owners grow further in the country, similarly, Paytm marketplace gives you an opportunity to improve your sales performance by connecting you to its massive number of registered Indian online customers at almost zero charges.

You as a seller not only generate more sales but also get a free ticket to position your name in the minds of Indian online shoppers.

Paytm, in view of its growing popularity in India, seems to leave behind e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc in a matter of few years. Paytm, until now, has on-boarded thousands of third-party sellers in India. Paytm, on July month of 2015, invested a sum of around Rs. 640 crores for helping sellers across India get online.

Here is a simple four steps yet complete guide to getting your business on board on Paytm marketplace today. Make sure that you read every step described below very carefully:

1. Keep mandatory documents ready

It is dead simple to understand that in order to become an authorized seller on Paytm or some other online marketplace, you need to have read several documents prior to embracing the seller registration process. Documents which Paytm has made mandatory for every prospecting seller are as following:

  • PAN
  • A canceled Cheque
  • Address proof such as Adhar Card, Passport, Electricity or Gas bill etc

2. Paytm seller registration

Once you have available every single document mentioned above, visit the seller registration web page of Paytm and create an account by entering the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your mail address
  • Mobile number
  • Set an account password

3. Hit Signup button

Make sure that you double check your details while creating your seller account. After you have reviewed your information, hit the signup button right away.

4. Sign in to your mail

Sign into your mailbox and open the verification link mail sent by Paytm. Click the verification link to verify your mail address.

5. Wait for sometime

You will have to have patience and wait for sometime. You will be contacted and informed once your selling request on Paytm is approved by its seller support team.

6. Upload your documents

Once you get access to your seller dashboard, upload and verify your documents, catalog and specify your selling pricing on each product you aim to sell on the Paytm portal.