Bengaluru, few years ago Bangalore, is a capital of a South Indian state Karnataka. It is one of the top most metropolitan cities in India. The other names given to Bangalore are silicon valley and IT capital of India. Bangalore also offers a pleasant climate. That is why millions of people from other states and foriegn countries prefer staying in Bangalore even though they know cost of living is very high.

If you launch a business in Bangalore, we wish it makes to the list of many successful startups including Flipkart, Myntra, etc. Here are the 11 profitable business ideas to launch your business in Bangalore.

1. Open a fitness center

People in Bangalore work for long hours and thereby need regular workouts and excercises to upkeep their fitness and health. If you are a fitness enthusiast and own a space, consider commercializing both by opening a fitness center in Bangalore. Lock up potential customers in lon term relationships with your business while providing them affordable membership plans.

2. Rental business

Rental businesses excluding those that lack compatibility with the city do generally well in Bangalore. It is because buying anything from an apartment to bicycles to even DSLR cameras makes no sense in a costly place like Bangalore for temporary settlers who come here for jobs and studies.

3. Event management

There is no day that goes by without an event in Bangalore. These events are no easy to manage. That is why event management service providers remain always in huge demand. Events could be thrown by corporations, social & educational institutions, and religious associations.

4. Office supplies business

There are a large number of government controlled schools, private schools, and corporate offices in Bangalore that could patronise your office supplies business. An online portal unlike an offline store won’t take you any long time for suceeding in Bangalore.

5. Bakery shop business

Bakery remains in full demand and all year round in the Bangalore city. It is used not only on normal days but also distributed abundantly during festive times. You know Bangalore is a location that always bustles up with frequent festivals.

6. City courier service

Bangalore is also a place where roads never see a day without traffic jams. That becomes a headache for busy people who want to send parcel to someone within the city. You could launch a city courier service to help vanish that inconvenience.

7. Food truck business

Busy people putting up in Bangalore whether localities or outsiders always have a hard time cooking their food inside their homes and rented rooms. It is not also the case that all people living here can afford restaurant meals everyday as they are costly. You may keep that need in view and open your own food truck business. You will be not only serving food on normal days but also during festivals and other events.

8. Food delivery

Bangalore is also an emerging market for online food delivery services. It is because people who live here lack time for self cooking and visiting restaurants for meals.

9. Sell on OLX

If you keep used stuff, sell it on OLX, an online classified marketplace that provides free space for advertising goods to others.

10. Digital marketing 

There are thousands of bloggers, ecommerce and news portals who need help in online presence. If you are practically familiar with digital marketing tactics, you could help boost online visibility of their websites.

11. Tea Stall 

A tea stall business always find success especially near companies beacuse employees consume tea while coming to and leaving offices and even during break times.

James Scott

Brought to you by James Scott who is a professional marketer and an enthusiastic blogger. He teaches digital marketing and blogging courses.