Millennials are a completely different generation. They crave more for entrepreneurship than baby boomers and other generations that have lived before them.

The CEO of America’s SBDC Charles “Tee” Rowe said that millennials, also known as generation Y, have more propensity towards entrepreneurship than baby boomers.

Anyway, here are some of the good small business ideas that may suit the personas of millennials:

1. Blogger

Millennials may find great success in futuristic blogging field since they are well educated and extremly erudite about using social media platforms.

They keep information on almost everything and hence may want to use it in blogging. A smartphone or a computer, internet network, and learning blogging basics are all millennials need to get started with blogging.

 2. Freelance writer

Millennials, being educationally advanced generation, are also an advantage of projecting their selves as reputed freelance writers to write articles of high quality for online media sources and other vast number of bloggers who need help in reviving website content.

3. Vlogger

Millennials love recording videos during their leisure time. They can use them for video blogging which is a powerful way to make a fistful of dollars from ads displayed by Google on your videos.

4. Web developer

Millennials who have learned coding skills can make a jump in the web development industry to create visually attractive websites for clients.

5. Graphic designer

A successful career in graphic designing is destined to fall in your card if you are born creative and have familiarity with some basics of design.

6. Photographer 

Millennials with a good technical understanding of photography might help people record the best moments during weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

7. Dog Walker

You might take pride in a dog walking business to make sure dogs of families who often leave for holidays receive all-natural treats from feeding to medications.

8. Bookkeeper

Whether it’s the paucity of time or laziness, many small business owners often need help in recording financial affairs. So, if you are a lover of maths, bookkeeping might prove a perfect match for you.

9. Private tutor 

Given their educational richness, millennials can also find tremendous success in the private tutoring domain.

10. Social media influencer 

If you have a powerful engagement with a large pool of followers on Facebook, Twitter, etc like social media networks, you may hit the radar of brands as a social media influencer to help them build new customer relationships.

James Scott

Brought to you by James Scott who is a professional marketer and an enthusiastic blogger. He teaches digital marketing and blogging courses.