Having a side job or a side business is the need of today as it is becoming very difficult for everyone including policemen or cops to meet the family as well as personal expenses.

Here we will give you the ten best side hustle business ideas and opportunities if you are a police officer who lives the dream of owning a side business but isn’t sure what is best for you.

1. Crime scene cleaner

If horrifying criminal scenes don’t make you squeamish, then you are perfect for the job of a crime scene cleaner who cleans and sanitize homes, business organizations, vehicles, etc witnessing suicides, industrial accidents, etc

2. Party Rentals

Target chairs, tables, cooking equipment, etc to help people see the successful end of parties they throw for kids, promotions, marriage anniversaries, etc

3. Cake decorator

Police cops having an artistic eye and stomach for sweets can work in bakeries as cake decorators to add chocolates, delightful confections to cakes.

4. Virtual reality trainer

Utilize virtual reality technology in preparing policemen for fraught and dire situations so that social order is preserved.

5. Book writer 

If you have a healthy heart connection with writing, you can document your working life experiences in a book.

6. E-book writer

Nothing to worry if you discover publishers reluctant in printing your book since you can switch to writing electronic books and putting them on Amazon for sale.

7. Part-time blogger

You may start blogging to share personal experiences with others during your spare time and offer space for advertising agencies to add some extra pennies to your income.

8. Affiliate marketing

Stretch your thoughts to joining popular affiliate programs for promoting their products to your blog visitors.

9. YouTube celebrity 

One with a zest for video shooting can actually make money by creating a YouTube channel and timely uploading videos that not only benefit your bank account but also have a good lesson for the public.

10. Facebook celebrity 

No one including a policeman(even if retired) can spend a minute without Facebook. If you find a lot of your friends who get influenced while you post either text or videos, you have better chances of becoming a Facebook celebrity and thereby earn money from sponsors.

Rais Dar

RAIS DAR is an entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and a Small Business Consultant who loves to write about Entrepreneurship, and Career Guidance.