7 [Successful] Small Business ideas in Argentina

Investors who look for investment opportunities in South America countries should consider Argentina. Entrepreneurs can explore many areas of Argentina’s economy for business opportunities – agriculture, tourism, mineral reservoirs, hydrocarbon deposits, telecommunications, etc.

Here are some best small profitable business ideas investors might want to explore for creating their startups in Argentina.

LPG production

Opening a LPG gas production business is one of the best areas to invest in Argentina as the country has rich reservoirs of hydrocarbons. The LPG production is not only a heavy investment driven business but also demands you to qualify certain legal permissions.

LPG cylinders manufacturer

It is also a good idea to establish a LPG cylinders manufacturing plant in Argentina. You will be doing business with LPG gas production companies that need cylinders for gas filling. It is fortunate that you have local availability of raw materials available for manufacturing cylinders.

Tourist guide service

Argentina is one of the most tourist visited countries in South America. It is toured by millions of international tourists for a number of beautiful natural landscapes. Tourist guides are in good demand as they are hired for sightseeing, and communicating information about local art, heritage, and culture.

App for cab service

Entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business in Argentina can also offer smartphone-application based cab services to tourists. All they need to do is to create an application that can be used by international tourists to book cab services in Argentina. You will have to cultivate a great relationship with local cab owners.

App for hotel service

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Similarly, tourists need accommodation when they tour to Argentina. Entrepreneurs can help serve their need for accommodation while creating a mobile application for booking hotels for stay in Argentina. You will be adding hotels that operate around tourist destinations in Argentina. You will earn a commission while hotel owners will get customers.

Gold mining

Argentina has sufficient gold deposits you can explore for mining business. You are required to have skills to trace gold veins, and equipment for extraction process.

Jewellery making

Argentina is also a great place where you can launch a jewellery-making business. The country has easy availability of silver and gold reservoirs. You will be procuring raw gold and silver from miners and turning them into attractive jewellery using your crafting skills.