Duplicate content is a major problem that demands immediate resolution. If webmasters avoid looking into duplicate content published on their websites, they won’t rank well in search engines.

And, sometimes, when duplicate content becomes problematic for search bots, the entire or part of your website could be penalized by the search engines.

So what is duplicate content, and how do you identify duplicate content on your website without having you pay premium services providers? Let’s find out…

Duplicate content is nothing but publishing a stolen piece of content of other people without their consent or approval. Google defines duplicate content as copying and publishing an exact match of words of other websites on your website. In short, exact words found on multiple websites is duplicate content.

We believe Google isn’t telling us the complete truth about what it considers duplicate content. We have experienced that whenever we published whether by mistake or intentionally a content copy containing stolen ideas of other websites, Google didn’t rank it well.

We had the same experience with online content spin tools. So you better write and publish original works.

Duplicate content downgrades your website’s credibility. It brings shame to your work, although you may end up earning some bucks from using it on your website.

It is always good to spend time on quality work. You will be appreciated for your work and at the same time rewarded by search engines with great rankings.

There are many online tools like Copyscape, Grammarly, etc that offer you services to check duplicate content on your website. These tools are great to use. But sometimes our budget problems don’t make us capable to afford their premium services.

So, is there is a reliable way we could use to locate duplicate content on our websites without opting for premium services? Fortunately, there is a great manual technique to check for duplicate content on your blogs.

It is one of our favorite methods to use whenever we do SEO audits on our websites. However, it should be noted that using this technique takes time but is worthy of your time.

It isn’t as fast as like services of premium services providers but is surely a great choice when you lack the ability to pay. Here is your best way to identify duplicate content on your websites.

” Duplicate content is an exact copy of words found on multiple websites.

When you begin your work – put opening two commas then a sentence and then two closing commas , and hit go in the Google search box. Google will bring you exact sources from where you have stolen your published content.

Repeat this technique with other sentences. You should be able to find duplicate content on your website and follow it by bringing improvisation of your content.

Jacob Dillon

Brought to you by Jacob Dillon who is a professional writer and distinctive journalist from Sydney. He loves to talk about technological advancements and the evolution of society.