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Perhaps you have looked everywhere but couldn’t find an authentic source that could tell you how to open a Dave and Buster’s franchise. If our assumption is right, read on then because we will acquaint you with everything that you need to open a Dave and Buster’s franchise.

This post is a reply to Oakville, Canada. based user Shelia Williams who several days ago sought information about Dave and Buster’s franchise.

User Query: Hello! my name is Shelia Williams and I am a resident of Oakville, Canada. I feel that an outlet of Dave and Buster’s restaurant will work great in my residential area because families living here are in need of something that offers excitement. Please help me to know:

  • What should I consider before opening Dave and Buster’s franchise?
  • How do I apply for a Dave and Buster’s franchise?
  • How much does it cost to open a franchise unit of Dave and Buster’s restaurant?

Our Response: Thank you, Shelia, for sending us your query. Read this post patiently and carefully as to the best of our knowledge we have tried to provide you best answers.

While starting a new restaurant gives you the freedom you desire, it is also an intimidating task that involves a lot of money, experience, and hard work. Though arranging money is indeed easy but growing your business is not. That is why investing in a franchise offered by an existing restaurant is a good way to cope with that.

One of the popular restaurants that throw an opportunity of becoming its registered franchisee is Dave and Buster’s.

1. What to consider before opening a Dave and Buster’s franchise?

When you or any other like-minded person plans on opening a restaurant franchise, you are advised to consider following steps:

Step # 1: Check company’s profile 

You must first begin to check company’s background as it would help you in strengthening the belief that your investment is in good hands. Try to learn everything about the company right from its date of conception to the present date.

What we know about Dave and Buster’s restaurant is that it was opened in Dallas Texas by David Corriveau and James “Buster” Corley and in 1989 Edison Brothers Stores acquired the majority of ownership in the restaurant.

The restaurant chain is perhaps the first restaurant chain that successfully executed the concept – facilitate amusement with family dining to people. Customers who visit Dave and Buster’s are being entertained through video arcade games, paintings, billiards etc along with food and drinks.

Until today, providing entertainment along with food has proven to be a successful innovative concept that has built Dave and Buster’s restaurant into a giant as well as a profitable restaurant business chain.

Step #2: Check company’s success rate

Figure out and compare the success rate of Dave and Buster’s restaurant with other franchisors in the same domain. Personally visit those who already run a Dave and Buster’s restaurant and get their feedback about the overall rate of success they enjoy in their places.

If they don’t show any reluctance towards talking with you, seek answers from them for following questions:

  • What procedure did you follow while opening a Dave and Buster’s franchise?
  • How did your franchise unit perform since you opened and operated it?
  • How much cost including franchise fees you had to incur for acquiring it?
  • What sort of assistance franchisee did you receive from the franchisor?

Step #3: Determine franchise costs and fees involved

Reach the franchisor and ask about total franchise cost and fees you need to purchase a Dave and Buster’s franchise. In addition, ask for net worth required.

Question # 2: How do I apply for a Dave and Buster’s franchise?

Interested people who are living in the United States, unfortunately, can’t own a Dave and Buster’s franchise because the company doesn’t franchise there whilst those residing outside the United States can send franchise query to International@daveandbusters.com.

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