what is dwell time

Dwell time is one of the important topics all digital marketers must learn and understand before they get a chance to place their ads on the internet. Dwell time is a measuring tool that allows you to check the efficiency and effectiveness of your ad units that are displayed on third-party blogs, commonly called publishers, and all through a search engine. Three types of digital ads online marketers can use are text ads, standard display, and rich media ads.

1. What is Dwell time?

Dwell time actually is the average time a user spends with an online ad unit. Today it has become the most powerful and popular metric that allows us to check the impact of rich media ads.

You should remember that the dwell time metric is valid only for rich media ads. It is because due to multiple interactions with rich media ad units, one can observe and calculate the time spent by the user. Contrary to rich media advertising, the average time spent on text and banner ads is nearly zero since users read and click these simple ads within a few seconds, hence difficult to calculate or measure such interactions.

2. What is Engagement level?

Doubleclick and Mediamind are two known tools that help in tracking the engagement level of a user with an ad. It is even possible to track the number of actions a user performs with the ad. These actions of a user in digital terminology are called interactions.

3. What is interaction?

Interaction by a user with an ad includes ad expansion, video playing, mouse on the ad, calling on the number, etc. Not only you can measure user engagement level with the ad, but you also get a good understanding of which components of your ad are engaging users more.

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