Putting together a creative marketing campaign may seem overwhelming for small business owners. This feeling grows more intense if your competitors are spending an arm and a leg. But here’s the thing about creativity: it doesn’t always have to cost a bucketload of money.

Creativity requires craft and uniqueness, and that’s an element that allows small businesses to stand out and command attention. With a few clever tricks, you can effectively outshine your competition and carve out that competitive edge you seek. Winning over your customers may seem challenging, but a little bit of honesty and creativity go a long way!

This article will walk you through some practical tips to promote your small business spectacularly.  Here, take a look:

A Digital Marketing Campaign

As a small business, the digital landscape holds immense significance for you. It offers a cost-effective arena for promotion. If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy in place, you shouldn’t be surprised at low sales volumes. In 2020, digital marketing is not a luxury. It is, in fact, an absolute and vital necessity.

An SEO-friendly website, a creative content marketing strategy, immersive videos, and social media marketing campaigns are the fuel your business needs to thrive. Social media and search engines will help you generate leads and convert those leads into revenue-generating customers. If your target audience consists of millennials, be sure to add Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat to your marketing mix.

Personalized Corporate Giveaways

Consumers adore brands that offer free products and giveaways. Even if they don’t need the item, they’ll be happy to get it, and they will remember for a long time. You see, a personalized gift, be it a diary, a pen, or custom enamel mugs, will serve as a lifelong reminder of your generosity.

It is an excellent strategy that has survived technological evolution and the ravages of time to sustain its relevance. Even in this day and age of digital Darwinism, personalized corporate giveaways continue to maintain their charm. They are a remarkable way to position yourself in the minds of your consumers firmly.

Each morning, when they have their cuppa joe in your custom mugs, they will remember your brand and corporate identity. This positioning will unconsciously remind them of your brand whenever they seek relevant products or services.

Humanize your Brand

Modern-day consumers have a powerful sense of consciousness and social responsibility. They are compassionate and seek out to help small businesses achieve greatness and glory. Consumers today are more focused on assisting small businesses to achieve success and overcome obstacles. Bringing the human factor to your brand allows you to tell your story as an entrepreneur and sell your products/services by inspiring your audience.

But how can you do it? It’s quite simple: start by telling your story. Use social media outlets, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, to introduce yourself and talk about your obstacles. What prompted you to start your own business? What were the challenges you had to combat to secure funding and survive in the cut-throat corporate landscape?

Use Instagram Stories and the Live feature on Facebook and Instagram to speak to your audience. Go Live and create immersive videos to inspire your audience. The results will be intensely empowering for you as a small business owner. It will help you build brand integrity and cement brand loyalty across your target audience.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a leading trend that has taken over the digital landscape with a loud thud, and this trend is here to stay. Social media collaborations have immense potential, prompting big and small brands to jump abroad the bandwagon.

You see, social media influencers command immense credibility, influence, and trustworthiness across their audience. Their audience trusts them and looks forward to their reviews and referrals to guide their buying decisions. Collaborations allow small businesses to tap into their audience and build profits from their credibility and brand image.

Besides, social media collaborations are an excellent strategy to infuse your marketing mix with creativity and uniqueness. You wouldn’t have to put any effort as the influencer will take responsibility for the campaign. You can generate a coupon code, giveaway, or work out another deal with your chosen influencer. It will help you win over trust and credibility and acquire new customers from their audience.

Word of Mouth Marketing

A tried and tested marketing strategy that continues to remain a powerful source for promoting your business. Word of mouth marketing remains the most dynamic promotion tactic to acquire new customers. You can tap into its potential by offering your existing customers incentives to bring in new customers.

Much like social games offer in-game purchases and level-ups to their users for bringing in new players, word-of-mouth is no different. You can give your customers discount coupons and free giveaways for bringing in new customers. Just be sure to have a mechanism in place to verify their ability to bring in new customers.

Final Words

There are numerous other ways to help you bring in new customers and promote your small business across new audiences. For instance, you can build an extensive network with a strong community presence or a Facebook group. Consider attending networking events and highlighting your products or services across various platforms.

Be sure to build a strong presence on online platforms, such as Yelp and Google My Business. YouTube videos are another lucrative strategy to introduce your products and services with creativity.

James Scott

Brought to you by James Scott who is a professional marketer and an enthusiastic blogger. He teaches digital marketing and blogging courses.