50 New Innovative Green Business ideas for 2018

If you want to be an eco-minded entrepreneur, your priority should be starting a green-related business. Green businesses tend to prove environment-friendly as pollutions are controlled and ensure entrepreneurs like you and others a good sustainable source of income. Here are around 50 best; few are new and innovative, green business ideas for sustainable living and a better environment.

1. Air duct cleaner

Become an air duct cleaner to help local households breathe clean and fresh air by removing dust, hair, and other harmful contaminants from their air ducts.

2. Automobile Mechanic

Acquire auto repair skills to inspect and repair or maintain faulty cars and other vehicles in your community.

3. Bio-diesel  Production

Utilize vegetable oils, animal fats, and waste cooking oil like materials to produce bio-diesel to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions released by fossil-based diesel.

4. Biomass Briquettes

Use various organic materials such as rice husk, groundnut shells, agriculture waste, and solid waste to make biomass briquettes to offer people a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

5. Basket Weaver

Make and promote environment-friendly wicker baskets to replace plastic baskets that adversely affect the environment.

6. Bio-pesticide Production

Produce and promote bio-pesticides to reduce the adverse effects of conventional or chemical-based pesticides on soil, water, air, and beneficial insect population.

7. Bicycle Repairer

Provide bicycle repair service to encourage more bicycles instead of scooters, cars, and other pollution creating vehicles in your community.

8. Composting Service

Don’t let the food waste end up in landfills by offering composting services to the local households surrounding you.

9. Cactus Arranger 

You may also ponder becoming a cactus arranger to create and target cactus arrangements for those who love green decoration.

10. Carpet Cleaner 

Utilize high powered vacuum cleaners and shampoos to remove deeply trapped dust mite infestations from carpets.

11. Floral Designer

Become a floral designer or florist to arrange flowers into an aesthetically pleasing design provided you have a flair for creativity.

12. Glass Artist

Become a glass artist to create crafts out of glass waste and bring a reduction in the pollution that results from the hazardous glass.

13. Green Painter 

Get well trained in implementing the best environment-friendly solutions to create prints that will ensure the protection of the health of your clients and the environment as well.

14. Green Beauty Products

Make and promote a variety of plant-based beauty products to help root out the chemical products that leave adverse effects on the planet.

15. Green Home Cleaner

You may also commit to becoming a greenhouse cleaner to deliver safe and environment-friendly cleaning services to local households.

16. Herb Plant Grower 

If you have some space available and the soil conditions are supportive, then consider becoming a herb plant grower to cultivate a variety of medical plants.

17. Herbalist 

Become a herbalist and provide herb or plant-based remedies and treatment for skin problems, allergies, arthritis, and stress-related issues.

18. Green App Developer

If you are environmentally inclined, think about becoming a green app developer to help people implement green practices or in other words live green.

19. Janitorial Service 

Turn your passion for cleaning into real dollars by becoming a janitor to offer cleaning and maintenance services to your local schools, hospitals, and residential establishments.

20. Organic chocolate

Make organic chocolates to help mitigate the harm conventional chocolates leave on a child’s health and on the environment.

20. Organic Baby Food

Aid parents nurture their babies with organic food to limit the potential harms conventional food leave on the health of infants.

21. Solar Panel Installer

Become a solar panel installer to offer solar panel installation services to your local households.

22. Energy Efficient Stoves

Manufacture and expand the use of energy efficient stoves in rural regions to reduce the output of toxic soot and smoke released by firewood and coal.

23. Hydropower plant

Make use of the river basins(if available) in your area and establish a hydropower plant to give rural population access to electricity.

24. Solar Heater Installer

Receive some specified level of training and experience to offer solar heater installation services to the local households.

25. Solar Heater Repairer 

Additionally, you may offer solar heater repair and maintenance services to prevent solar heaters from scaling corrosion like problems.

26. Jute Bag Maker

Make and expand the use of 100% biodegradable, recyclable and environment-friendly jute bags to reduce the negative impact of plastic bags on the environment.

27. Paper Bag Maker

Or, you can buy a paper bag making a machine to limit the use of plastic bags that leave a devastating effect on the environment.

28. Paper Cup Maker 

Take part in the reduction of adverse effects released by plastic cups by making and encouraging the use of paper cups.

29. Paper Plate Maker 

Or, you could make and encourage the usage of paper plates instead of plastic plates, after all, paper, unlike plastic, proves much favorable to the environment.

30. Garbage Collector

Become a garbage collector to pick up waste from residential neighborhoods, public parks, and commercial places and dump the refuse in the truck.

31. Trash Removal Services

Sweep up reasonable profits by offering trash removal services at your place. However, the task is a bit dangerous.

32. Pool Maintainer 

Remove debris, dirt, bacteria, etc from the pools of local homeowners, gym owners, hotels, apartment complexes by becoming a pool maintainer.

33. Environmental Consultant 

Become an environmental consultant to offer advisory services and assessment on matters that pertain to the management of environmental problems.

34. Furniture Upcycle

For the better environmental value, you could also be interested in becoming a furniture upcycler to transform useless or old furniture into new materials.

35. Organic Caterer

Become an organic caterer to help in reducing carbon footprints by using locally grown food from farmers.

36. Green wedding planner

Become a green wedding planner to assist couples with planning, designing and managing their weddings in an environment-friendly way.

37. Landscaper

Help in maintaining beautiful lawns and gardens by performing a variety of tasks that a professional landscaper is expected to.

38. Recycling plant

Turn recyclables such as paper, plastic, metals, etc into new products to safeguard the environment from further demolition.

39. Eco Hair Salon

Make your existing salon eco-friendly by using recyclable hair products so as to avoid the unhealthy effects left by chemicals on the environment.

40. Green Blogger 

Create a blog to write about environmental related topics and make money out of affiliate programs and advertising agencies like Google Adsense.

41. Car sharing service

If the use of your car is just restricted to weekends, then offer a car sharing service to reduce the carbon footprint.

42. Sustainable Construction 

Increase the usability of recycling material in construction works to help in conserving natural resources.

43. Online green store

Given the increase in environmental-minded consumers, it is a great time to gain their favor early on by starting an online store selling environment-friendly products.

44. Pro-energy consultant

With social shifts towards green pushing the popularity of energy audit, you may become a pro-energy consultant focusing on lowering energy bills.

45. Eco-YouTuber 

Lead eco-movement by shooting videos about food inspiration, beauty recipes, sustainable fashion, etc., and publishing them on YouTube.

46. Eco- Podcaster 

Produce eco-friendly podcasts to inspire and encourage people to live life sustainably.

47. EV charging station

Given the growing interest in electric vehicles, you may enter into a dealership agreement with an automotive company that manufactures electric vehicles.

48. Electric car dealer

Or, you might set up an EV charging station to supply energy to electric vehicles.

49. Organic juice bar

Open a juice bar with a specific focus on utilizing sustainable ingredients to serve organic juices.

50. Eco Video games

Develop games that will help in instilling habits in children so that they live an eco-conscious lifestyle when they grow up.

Ashly William

This piece of expertise is brought to you by Ashly William who is a freelance writer and a trainer on business services and marketing. Her work has been acknowledged by many national and international publications.