How to Start a Tile Installation Business

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People use tiles of various types such as porcelain, ceramic, and quarry to beautify the floors of their lovely homes.

You need to know that you will be bending and kneeling a lot of times while setting tiles on floors, ceilings, and walls and therefore might affect your health. If you think you can survive the involved difficulties, starting your own tile installation business can be a good choice to make your living. Read and follow these five things to get you started today.

Skills to learn

Tile installation is a very specialized job done by trained professionals. You need to learn all the involved methods and activities including floor and wall preparation, cut tiles to fit spaces while using both power and hand tools.

You can learn tile installation by taking enrolment in your local training institute. The other way to learn the profession is by taking on an apprenticeship with an experienced tiles setter. You should not quit learning until you don’t become a full-fledged tiles setter.

Legal requirements

You may need to register your tile installation business with your city authority. If you need to, make sure you settle for a legal structure. It could be a partnership with your friend or relative or you might want to keep it limited to yourself by applying for sole-ownership.

Give an impressive name to your business while you do the registration. Here an impressive name means a name that will occupy a permanent space in the minds of your customers.


All of your bookkeeping can easily be done at your own home. However, if you want to avoid the interference of your family members especially children{ if you happen to be a happily married person}, you may take office space on rent.

Tools and transport

Buy all necessary tools such as a spreader, level, goggles, sponge, rubber grout float, etc. In addition, arrange a motorcycle as a means of visiting your prospective customer’s place along with your tools.

Network with contractors 

Build a marketable portfolio, in other words, that sells itself rather needing the push. Find and ask contractors to give their mail ids. Create and send them flyers because these people prove very useful in building a client base. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, etc by creating and regularly updating your pages on them. Your reach will spread to vast areas and thereby get more business other than your own place.

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