How to Start a TV Installation Business

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While mounting a television on a wall looks like an easily doable job, there are lots of people for whom it’s a tough and challenging affair. They rather like to hire and pay trained TV installers for it. You will find that kind of people in all places.

If you find pleasure in doing handyman jobs, you could be a perfect match for a TV installation business. You need to ensure television viewers are exposed to the optimal viewing while placing televisions at best spots in a room. Your revenue could range from $150-$300 per installation. Even a single installation per day can make your day.

To get you started with your own business that offers TV mounting services, take these three simple yet important steps.

Learn to mount

Television installation is a combination of various activities. You will be picking and finding the right spot, taking measurements in all possible angles & corners using a measuring tape, drilling the holes at marks, and eventually mounting the television on the wall.

Ensure precision while you take measurements and drill holes at spots that provide optimal viewing to the family of your client in a room or wherever they ask you to mount their newly bought televisions.

Buy necessary tools

Purchase all important tools which you will be carrying while you head towards your potential clients. Some of the necessary tools that you will be using while you do the TV installation job includes a power drill which is used for piercing holes on a wall marks, stud finder, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, a unity knife, drywall saw, and socket. Don’t buy tools that you already keep.

Promote your business

Promote your business through the best ways possible. All promotional strategies should make your potential customers think that you are the best they should be hiring when they require TV installation services. Of many effective methods, use flyers. They are best yet cheap to advertise your business.

In case you want to use an aggressive promotional strategy, buy space on the front page of a popularly read local newspaper. Use social media as well. Facebook platform is a great choice where you will be creating a page for your business. Set a powerful profile, a cover image, and update your daily activities. Send invitations to all of your friends to like your Facebook page. Don’t miss listing your business on Google Maps as well.