Wheel alignment is something that every vehicle owner has to take care of. When going in a straight line becomes problematic for any reason, that is when its necessity is most keenly felt. Every brand-new vehicle has a perfect wheel alignment as a standard feature. However, after some time of being utilised, their wheels become misaligned and need to be adjusted.

In the sector of automobile repair and maintenance, starting and operating a wheel alignment business may be a very lucrative business. Reasons for this include modest initial investment requirements and the fact that the expenditures incurred during wheel alignment and balancing are, for the most part, negligible.

 Wheel alignment types

Decide whether you will work with hand tools or automated machinery. You can provide your customers with either a mechanical or a computerised wheel alignment service, depending on what tools and machinery you are most at ease working with. Both of these alternatives come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

The mechanical type will only require you to pay a little for startup costs. However, to provide services on your own, you will need to complete an extensive training programme. In addition, the pace at which services are provided is slow. Computer-operated machinery is required to perform a computerised wheel alignment contrary. Although the start-up expenditures are pretty high, your productivity will increase quickly.

We would appreciate it if you considered the computerised option since people who own cars prioritise the automated service because it is done within five to ten minutes. You need the following six things to get your tyre alignment business off the ground.


Creating a business plan is a good idea, but it’s not essential in this case because there are probably no complex challenges involved. Ensure that you comply with the local authority’s requirements by conducting the appropriate research and acquiring the necessary permissions and a business licence from the relevant city department. Choose a rental shop that is conveniently situated in the area of your selection. It is not difficult to imagine that a roadside location with sufficient parking would be the ideal location for a wheel alignment company.

Suppose you want to start a business specialising in computerised wheel alignment. In that case, you need to construct a shed and develop a floor layout so installers can correctly install wheel alignment and balancing machinery. When pulling into or out of your garage, drivers shouldn’t have any trouble.

 Buy tools or machinery.

To provide a wheel alignment service based on mechanics, you will need to invest in the appropriate equipment, such as a camber gauge, an adjustable wrench, four jack stands, a string spool, a tape measure, control arms shims, and other similar items. A computerised wheel alignment machine may be purchased for around $6,000, while a wheel balancer machine can be purchased for $1,500; hence, a combined total of $7,500 will be required.

Advertise your business

Spending money on advertising in newspapers, cable channels, fliers, and so on is pointless. To ensure that passing cars are aware of your company, you must create and hang an eye-catching tin board directly in front of your store. This will ensure that your company is not overlooked.

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