Wheel alignment is a must do thing for automobile owners. Its need is mostly felt in times when steering in the staright direction becomes shaky. You know that every new automobile comes with a precise wheel alignment. However, after being used for some time, their wheels go out of the alignment.

A wheel alignment business is a highly profitable venture in the automotive industry. The reasons being low startup investment and the costs which need to be allocated during the wheel alignment and balancing are almost negligble.

 Wheel alignment types

Depending on what equipment you are comfortable with using, you can provide either a mechanical or a computerised wheel alignment services to your customers. Decide whether you will use hand tools or computerised machines. Both options comes with advanatges and disadvanatges.

The mechanical type will demand you very low startup costs, however, you will need to get well trained before you get ready for delivering services on your own. The speed of delivering services is also low. A computerised wheel alignment contrary involves using computer operated machines. While startup costs are huge, your productivity will be speedy.

We would like you consider computerised choice since automobiles owners give priorty to computerised service since it is done within 5-10 minutes of time. Here are the 6 things you must have for starting a wheel alignment business.


Making a business plan is good but not at all necessary because there are perhaps no complex problems involved.

Adhere to the local jurisdiction regulations by checking and obtaining permits ( if needed ) and a business license from the authorized department in your city.

Choose a rental shop in a preferred location. It is no so hard to think that a preferred location for a wheel alignment business is a place on a roadside but with sufficient parking space.

If you want to launch a computerized wheel alignment business, draw a floor diagram so that installers properly install both wheel alignment as well as balancing machines and then build a shed. Drivers should not face any difficulty while entering and leaving your garage.

 Buy tools or machinery

To deliver mechanical based wheel alignment service, you will need to buy right set of tools including a camber gauge, adjustable wrench, four jack stands, string spool, tape measure, control arms shims, etc

The average price for a computerized wheel alignment machine sums around $ 6000 while as a wheel balancer machine costs $1500, hence, a total of $7500 will exclusively go for both machines.

Advertise your business

It is needless to spend money on a newspaper, cable channel, flyers, etc like advertising. However, you should make and display an attractive tin board right on the front of your shop so that your business doesn’t go unnoticed by the passing by drivers.