There are a lot of people who would prefer not to live in their homes with broken windows and doors. And the reason for this is that they want to reduce the possibility of having to pay astronomical sums in the not too distant future. In addition, they wouldn’t do anything to ruin the quaint appearance of their dwellings.

Additionally, there is yet another group of folks that require the fitting or installation of windows in their brand-new homes. Your clients can be people who need to get rid of broken windows or people who are intended to create new homes; either way, they fall under the category of “customers.”

Business operations

Becoming trained as a window fitter is necessary before beginning a business that specialises in the installation or replacement of windows.

You won’t be questioned about any particular qualifications that you have. On the other hand, if you have experience in carpentry, this can be of great use to you as you begin the process of establishing a window fitting business.

Pay a visit to the staff members who are authorised to grant the business licence and other licences, and introduce yourself to them (if any). If you want to avoid the struggle that beginning typically go through, it is best to find someone who already has influence over them and ask for their assistance.

When you make an appointment to go to the residence of a client or customer, you need either buy or rent a van that has enough space to carry all of the equipment and supplies that you will need. You should have your company’s details written on it in a stylish font.

Find out which window providers are available in your area, paying particular attention to those who have a strong reputation in the market. Check to see if they provide a variety of window replacements such as double-paned windows, vinyl windows, wood-clad windows, aluminum-clad windows, and so on. And as a result, make sure that you capture them in your portfolio so that you can demonstrate them to potential clients.


To ensure that your message is noticed by the people you want to view it, you should prepare promotional items such as pamphlets, door hangers, and yard signs.

It is imperative that you put up a website for your company right away. You can help develop confidence in the minds of buyers about your offer by publishing testimonials on it from satisfied customers who have previously purchased from you.

Add a “About Me” page to your website in addition to a testimonial. On this page, you can provide a quick overview of your history, service level agreements with clients, etc.

Sarah Contreras

The author holds a bachelor's degree in Communication with expertise in certain fields like media and marketing. She currently works as a web content contributor for ANC Delivers, one of the fastest fleet home and corporate delivery services in Australia.