If you’re a fabricator and you are finding ways to make money, opening an aluminum fabrication business is a great one among so many business opportunities. There is a great potential to make a lot of money and a wide scope to exercise your skills in the fabrication industry.

Market overview

When we talk about the metal industry, aluminum metal specifically enjoys an increasing application in our modern day constructions. It has earned a well defined space in our residential dwellings, and commercial buildings all over the place.

The aluminum metal’s demand has grown extensively for manufacturing windows, doors, roofing, cladding, curtain walling, partitions, laddering, and many more important construction structures. So, in view of its growing demand, entrepreneurs should capitalize on this big futuristic business opportunity and get started with their own aluminum fabrication business in their localities

Your work projects could range from few days to months and it will come from a simple householder living in the country side, commercial building owners, and even real estate owners.

Your daily routines

Your daily works would be cleaning your office, place of work, taking customer projects, reading your customer’s requirements, creating drawings, and exercising your technical skills while using your tools, and transporting finished products for customer use. You will also be keeping a daily record of your expenses at the end of the day. Here onwards we shall let you know about all those steps to get you started with an aluminum fabrication business. So, let’s get started…

Acquire fabrication skills

Jay Dev Patel, a local Gujarat based entrepreneur, said that when you think of breaking into the aluminum fabrication business, acquire fabrication skills, including basic and advanced skills.

He said that you should be learning to take accurate measurements, using your hand and power-operated equipment, cutting, fastening, etc. To get you started with learning fabrication skills, you might either want to take a course if offered in your local training center, or you can become an apprentice as Jay Patel had become for a well-trained fabricator.

Jay Patel, while sharing his advice, said that you may or may not get paid while working with a fabricator. You’ll need to work as a real employee and be doing exactly what you are instructed to by your trainer. Jay Patel also added that how quickly you learn will depend upon your dedication towards your work.

Business plan & permits

Jay Patel shared his experience and said when you think you have learned fabrication skills, put your focus on developing a business plan. He reminded us that writing a business plan isn’t something without which your business is non-operational. However, its availability can prove vital, especially during situations when uncertainties haunt you down.

It would be best to get a registration certificate and other necessary required permits in your jurisdiction. You will be contacting the concerned authority in your city for fulfilling your legal formalities.

Buy your equipment

So far, you have acquired fabrication skills, created a business plan, and attained your legal permits, said Jay Patel. You are now about to offer your independent services, and for that to happen, you will need to buy your fabrication equipment.

Jay Patel again reminded that you would be operating an angle grinder, angle grinder discs, wire cutter, an auto-darkening helmet, cutting glasses, a backpack, and drill bits. Simultaneously, you do fabrication work, shears, band saw machine, ARC welding machine, etc.

Working space

His lessons continued, and now he recommended that you have to find a workspace to do your fabrication works. You should either take a rental shop or build a tin shed as you will need a space where you will keep your tools, equipment, and materials insider it, he added.

Spread awareness

The last step, according to Jay Patel that will get you in touch with your potential customers is promotion. You’ll be specifying some budget for advertising so that people know about what you offer them. The best way he used to get his message delivered to his potential clients was using a local TV channel for advertising, he said while concluding his interview with us.

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