So you have decided to own a dosa and idli batter making business. We appreciate your decision. And, it is an easy business venture to start until you know business requirements and marketing tactics to apply.

Let’s help you plan your requirements and start a dosa and idli batter making business.

Idli and Dosa are two different and popular South Indian breakfast staples. Made from rice and other ingredients, idli and dosa are as important for South Indians as Samosa and Tea is for North Indians.

South Indians would have IDLI and DOSA almost every day.

These are three most important considerations one needs to keep in his mind while starting an IDLI and batter making business.

Learn to make

Firstly, think of IDLI and DOSA as your products. You will have to learn creating your products to make money. You need to learn a special set of skills and recipes to make IDLI and DOSA staples.

Arrange all the ingredients to make an IDLI and Dosa batters. Get required quantities of flour rice, also called ground rice, urad dal, and methi from the market.

Soak well rice and urad dal and follow it by mixing your ingredients with salt and water. Let the batter ferment well and then get it steamed in an IDLI steamer to obtain fully prepared IDLIs and DOSAs.

Get your utensils

Purchase batter pans, spoons, blender, IDLI steamer, etc. for making your IDLIs. Likewise to make your dosas, you will need a blender, griddle, spatula, a flat dosa ladle, spice boxes, and tempering pots.

You can get your cooking utensils online – we recommend Amazon for their good service. You can also get them from your local marketplace.

Sell your staples

You have now become able to make IDLIs and DOSAs, and bought your necessary utensils- so far so good. But your real test begins when you sell your staples and make money.  

One of the good ways is to rent a shop on the roadside and set up a small kitchen for cooking purposes. Also make arrangements of tables, chairs, plates, and spoons. You can also use your home kitchen and use a mobile business model – a cart to sell your dosas and idlis on every morning in your locality. That’s all we have for your guidance folks.

Becky Holton

This Guide is brought to you by Becky Holton who is a journalist and a blogger. She teaches and trains budding entrepreneurs on various startup aspects.